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Here is some information from Rick Webb, a professor at UVA who is has been 
studying acid rain for the last 25 years. Note the number of turbines that 
would be needed to keep up with growth of demand for electricity:  600!  Would 
want these turbines in your viewshed?  
I was amazed at one of the proponents of the wind turbines, a self-proclaimed 
member of the religious community, who said that people who are opposed to 
them are "sinners."  What about people who drive Hummers?  Or keep there air 
conditioner on 68 degrees, and their heat on 80?  This is a ridiculous argument.
Margaret O'Bryan

The following is from Rick Webb:

I would refer people to www.vawind.org for an informed and honest treatment 
of the wildlife issues, as well as what is needed in terms of environmental 

Secondly I would point out that  no matter how fast we build turbines, we 
cannot even keep up with the growth in demand for electricity. If we build 
600 turbines in Highland County (about the maximum feasible number) the 
amount of electricity produced would only satisfy one year's additional 
demand in Virginia. The next year we will need that 600 plus 600+ more.

We have an energy problem and the more we focus on wind energy as a
solution the less likely we are to begin to solve it. There is no easy answer 
though conservation is certainly a big part of it - and wind energy 
development is a trivial part of it. Wind has plenty of problems that the
proponents ignore - either because they are desperate for good news or 
because of profit motive. There were plenty of people at yesterday's
meeting that are motivated by profit.

Rick Webb

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