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  How about by starting with some human population management instead of 
interfering with the animal populations, who do just FINE without human 
interference and manipulation.  We're the only species who doesn't have the 
sense to responsibly limit our population.

  How about returning the emphasis of business to serving society, instead 
of corporate interests treating citizens as though we are are here to simply 
line their pockets, regardless of how they butcher and destroy the planet 
around us.

  How about forcing, YES, BY LEGISLATION, automakers finally to put up and 
shut up and give motorists better vehicle fuel mileage, as I am SICK of 
their whining and moaning about "profit, profit, profit" and the selfish 
idiots who over-consume. Personally, I could care less if they all go out of 
business if they will not be reasonable and provide the electric-powered or 
alternatively powered vehicle for which prototypes and technology already 

  And while we're at it, let's not invade other countries under the guise of 
"imposing democracy" or digging up Alaskan wildlife refuges which would 
produce no oil for years and years.

  How're those things for a start?

  Pardon me, list, I am crabby today.

  Irene in Southside.

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   If not wind turbines, how do we get energy for the future? We are about 
to run out of cheap oil - the demand will exceed
  the supply. So do we invade oil-bearing nations to get the oil?

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