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  • Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2005 17:25:32 -0400

    I discovered a hawk nest today at Camp Hilbert with three baby hawks in it, 
but I'm not sure which species it is. We have both Red-tailed and 
Red-shouldered at camp. The nest is high in a pine tree where three limbs come 
together. I didn't get good looks, but the one who's head I saw still had the 
white down feathers over most of him, but darker feathers on top of his (its) 
head. I saw a side view of either the parent or another chick, and it had brown 
wings with some white spots here and there. The beak of the one chick I was 
able to get a good look at seemed quite large and it MIGHT have been yellowish 
at the base, though I couldn't be sure. Based on the relative brightness of the 
eyes and the size of the beak, I'm guessing it's a Red-TAILED Hawk, as opposed 
to Red-SHOULDERED. Thoughts?

Short Pump

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