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  • From: Lisa Kroll <chocolate217@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: va-richmond-general@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2007 18:28:20 -0500

Thanks to Al and Lewis for the location-naming suggestions! We went the zip code and "Dutch Gap Conservation Area" in notes field route.

Though I am probably a solid "intermediate" birder, I consider myself a bit of a beginner with ducks, but a year's worth of practice on the Dutch Gap duck pond (I have a paper map aimed at mild-weather visitors calling it the heron rookery and a marsh) has paid off and I feel pretty good about the identifications my fiance and I made this morning (8:20 - 11:00).

After the pond, we walked the lagoon trail, just to the first edge of the lagoon (the wind wore us down). We saw the killdeer on the marsh (mud flats this morning) by the old river channel. Sibley asserts killdeer form "small groups" and "never...flocks" -- so I guess a flock is more than 41!

Here's the list:

double-crested cormorant 30
great blue heron 4
canada goose 20
wood duck 98
mallard 12
gadwall 13
american wigeon 2
northern shoveler 14
blue-winged teal 2
ring-necked duck 33
buffle head 1
turkey vulture 2
american coot 15
killdeer 41
ring-billed gull 6
belted kingfisher 1
red-bellied woodpecker 1
northern flicker 1
pileated woodpecker 2
american crow 7
carolina chickadee 2
carolina wren 1
ruby-crowned kinglet 1
northern mockingbird 2
european starling 2
yellow-rumped warbler 2
northern cardinal 4
song sparrow 3
dark-eyed junco 6
red-winged blackbird 2


Lisa Kroll
Richmond, Va.

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