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I just checked the VDGIF website, and only the salt water fishing license is 
free to those residents 65 and older. Freshwater licenses are $9 and $20 for a 
year or lifetime, respectively, for those 65 and over. The statement quoted by 
Wendy said that any valid fishing, hunting or trapping license was all that is 
needed. I assume that means that one 65 or older who is not interested in 
freshwater fishing, etc., needs to get either a free one year or free lifetime 
saltwater fishing license in order to be able to bird on VDGIF lands. But if 
you want to fish in freshwater, or for freshwater trout, hunt, or trap, and 
bird as well, you need the appropriate license, but it's not free in those 
cases. There are some reduced rates for those approaching 65 as well.

Al Warfield

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  Wendy, et al
      It seems appropriate that all users of DGIF lands should help pay for the 
costs of their upkeep.  For those of limited income and advance years, however, 
it is simple to acquire a Lifetime Fishing License.  It is free for anyone over 

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