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Based on the description, Kathy appears to be seeing a colony along Little 
Tomahawk Creek, a tributary of Swift Creek Reservoir.  The lower portion of 
this tributary is a wide, forested wetland - just the type of habitat that 
Herons like.  This area was previously inaccessible but a relatively new road 
allows you to drive through here now.  

Unfortunately, the entire watershed of Little Tomahawk Creek is slated for 
development, and most of it is already in the ground or soon to be.  

Bob Siegfried

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  Does anyone know where she's talking about?
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  I live in Woodlake and have noticed that on Watermill Parkway just a little 
way past the Genito Rd. intersection, there is a colony of blue heron nests 
back from the road that could be endangered by all the home construction that 
is going on around there.  They are chopping trees down and making home 
developments and I wondered if you would have any influence in bringing the 
colony to someone's attention so it is left alone and not destroyed.  Thank 
you, Kathryn King

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