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Could anyone help with this identification?
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It's Sunday, June 5th and I just saw for the second time in two weeks a bird I 
have never witnessed in the twenty plus years I have been bird watching in the 
Tidewater region (Toano, VA).  I have checked my 1982 Audubon Society Field 
Guide and can not make a positive identification.  It has the following 

(1) It is about the size of a Purple Finch, maybe a little larger,
(2) has a dark colored beak, maybe black,
(3) Blue/ gray feathers on it's tail feathers,
(4) Dark blue head,
(5) Bright brown bar on it's wing,
(6) Somewhat speckled breast and,
(7) Looks most like a "Blue Grosbeak", a younger male possibly.  

I would appreciate any comments you may have.


Dave Forrest

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