[va-richmond-general] First Landing State Park banding station

  • From: Lisa Kroll <chocolate217@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 09:06:11 -0400

Many thanks to whomever posted the link (here it is again, http://www.cvwo.org/; click the last link in the left hand column for the banding station blog) for the Coastal Virginia Wildlife Observatory! We got excited about it from the blog, liked the looks of the weather and dashed down to Virginia Beach on Saturday afternoon; on Sunday, we hiked to the banding station.

While I recommend camping at First Landing only to those who enjoy a, um, lively and busy campground, I heartily recommend a visit to the trails and bird banding station! Peter was welcoming and informative. It's the live version of a TV nature program! While we were there, he netted

hermit thrush (same one twice)
worm-eating warbler
gray catbird
ruby crowned kinglet - female and male
tufted titmouse
song sparrow
swamp sparrow

Also seen on trails:
g.b. heron
green heron
c. goose
common merganser
greater yellowlegs
downy woodpecker
pileated woodpecker
blue jay
bank swallow
c. chickadee
brown-headed nuthatch
yellow throated warbler
y.r. warbler
magnolia warbler
palm warbler
black & white warbler
red-winged blackbird

Happy birding -

Lisa Kroll
Richmond, Va.

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