[va-richmond-general] Blue-winged and blackburnian @ The Wetlands, 9am-10:30am

  • From: "Janice j. Frye, D.C." <jjfdc1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 17:42:57 -0400

My first posting.  Hope it gets to you OK, because I found myself with a
very nice wave of warblers @ The Wetlands (JRPS) today.  Highlights were the
warblers noted already.  They were near the pond on the trail that goes
straight to the river from Landria Drive.  Apparently listening to the tapes
and CDs does eventually start to payoff!!  The blackburnian male sounded
more like the second individual on More Birding by Ear.  Did not get a look
at the entire   blue-winged, but the front was yellow as far down as I could
see and the black eye mark was visible.  I was on my way to look for a
barred owl that was hooting between the pond and the golf course when the
military helicopters started their low flyovers.  Sorry I'm posting so late.
I've been lurking in the archives for years and am not good at figuring out
new things on the computer.  Visited Three Lakes late in the afternoon
yesterday.  No bird activity worth reporting and the nature center was
closed, but it looks like they have recovered nicely from Gaston.
Riverfront property is now so hard to come by that ospreys are now building
on the cell tower at West End Assembly of God's parking lot 2 red lights
north of the Willey Bridge.


Full list:

GBH (flyovers only)

Red-shouldered hawk

Barred owl (hooting at a distance)

Red-bellied WP

Pileated WP

Downy WP

Blue jay

Carolina chickadee

Tufted titmouse

Carolina wren

Am. Robin

Hermit thrush

Bl. Gr. Gnatcatcher

White-eyed vireo

Red-eyed vireo

B&W warbler

Prothonotary w. (heard)

Worm-eating w. (heard) 

Blue-winged w.

Yellow-rumped w.

Blackburnian w.

Yellow-throated w.

Pine w.

Common yellowthroat

Am. Redstart (male)

Brown-headed cowbird

N. cardinal

Indigo bunting (male)

Am goldfinch

E. towhee (female)

White-throated sparrow

No activity at the presumed Cooper's hawk nest.  Watched them working on it
earlier this year, but it was odd because on one visit there were 3 birds
visible at once.


Have missed seeing you all.  Too much paperwork and lots going on with the
kids.  Apparently I also missed most of the owls' nesting activities this
time around.  Does anyone have any favorite ways to deal with "allergy eyes"
out on the trails?  Sweet misery..


Jan Johnson



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