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We visited friends who live just upstream from the Pony Pasture, up on the 
river bluff near "goat" island.  They have had a barred owl nesting in a tree 
next to their driveway for ten years.  They have great photos of the adults and 
several of the "litter"(?) of owlets over the years.  During the day the male 
roosts in one magnolia and the female roosts in another on the other side of 
the house.  

Its amazing how much wildlife you can have in an urban yard when there are nice 
hunting grounds nearby like the park.

Bob Siegfried
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  Heard, but not seen, Barred Owl, between The Wetlands and Pony Pasture, not 
as far west as Charlie's bridge, not as far east as The Crossover Trail.  Near 
the creek, but on the river side in an area with several tall pines.  
Approximately 4:30pm Monday 3/6.  Very loud, very repetitive, very insistant as 
if disturbed by someone or something.     About 15 minutes later, I asked a 
passerby on one of the lesser traveled paths if he had heard or seen anything.  
He told me he had seen the owl hunting at the creek a couple of days before.  
Woo-Hoo!  Happy birding!

  South of the James

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