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Al, I'm sorry you misinterpreted my email, which was meant to convey, with 
levity, my hope that our list continue to be inclusive of the novice who, for 
now, may just want to "enjoy birds" rather than become a "citizen scientist".  
There may be multiple reasons keeping some of the list members from being "more 
involved".  Some of us have demanding jobs that already consume our nights and 
weekends in addition to regular work hours.  Others may be intimidated by an 
atmosphere that they see as being increasingly competitive and yes, elitist.  
Some might be shy about speaking up simply because they don't think they can 
contribute much yet, or even because they believe they've been put down when 
they tried to speak up. I'm not saying that's ever happened, but wouldn't it be 
a shame if it did?  Wouldn't it also be a shame if someone missed learning from 
you because they haven't yet been introduced to acronyms, or if someone changed 
his or her mind about becoming an active member of RAS because they got the 
wrong impression?
Please note I didn't say you were a show-off; only that someone might. Actually 
I've been in RAS years longer than you; I remember when you and Linda joined. 
You've both been great for the organization, and your contributions and 
dedication are superb. I don't participate at your level not because of lack of 
interest, but because I'm in that "demanding job" category, but I've read every 
post since this list began.  Personally I hope that RAS and this list will 
continue to have room for the laidback "enjoying birds" folks and the 
newcomers, the shy and the easily intimidated and those who like to bird in 
relative solitude, for all those who may appear to be just sitting on the 
sidelines, as well as for the "citizen scientists" and those who enjoy the 
social interaction of group trips and the activism.
I apologize for taking this email public. I don't want to embarrass anyone, but 
I wanted to express these thoughts to the entire list. I hope there's room here 
for all.
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I won't touch that comment expect to say that you totally misinterpreted what I 
was trying to do. I was trying to start people thinking about what they would 
have to do to prepare themselves to do survey work. It didn't work very well 
though, at least judging from the responses of those who responded. Hopefully 
the ones who didn't got something from what came later.
You don't really think I'm a show-off do you? If so you should re-read all the 
posts I've made and see what you think then. I wasn't even the first person to 
use them on the listserve. Bob Coles started that practice a couple of months 
ago. (Not Bob Cole - different RAS member).
Al Warfield
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Also agreed. Someone could easily mis-interpret one's being an EBSO (efficient 
birding system observer) as being an EBSO (elitist birding show-off) instead.
Thanks for the vocabulary addition, Jim!
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I agree. I would rather hear about robins than about AMROs. Besides, CAGO means 
“I poop” in Spanish.
Jim Blowers

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I certainly understand the desire to use the abbreviations for our birds, 
especially when they are fairly obvious DCCO, but I have to tell you I think 
this is a good way to turn people off.


On Apr 23, 2007, at 2:51 PM, Al Warfield wrote:
Linda & I visited Three Lakes Nature Center (in Henrico Co) on Saturday - the 
one that was featured in the Saturday TD - and saw DC Cormorants (DCCO) and 
Canada Geese (CAGO) there. There was one CAGO nesting on an island. Also, 
that's a good place to see EABL and CHSP - on an asphalt path from one of the 
lakes to the parking lot. Other than that there were some TUTI and a few RBWP 
and DOWP.

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