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Also agreed. Someone could easily mis-interpret one's being an EBSO (efficient 
birding system observer) as being an EBSO (elitist birding show-off) instead.
Thanks for the vocabulary addition, Jim!
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I agree. I would rather hear about robins than about AMROs. Besides, CAGO means 
“I poop” in Spanish.
Jim Blowers

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I certainly understand the desire to use the abbreviations for our birds, 
especially when they are fairly obvious DCCO, but I have to tell you I think 
this is a good way to turn people off.


On Apr 23, 2007, at 2:51 PM, Al Warfield wrote:
Linda & I visited Three Lakes Nature Center (in Henrico Co) on Saturday - the 
one that was featured in the Saturday TD - and saw DC Cormorants (DCCO) and 
Canada Geese (CAGO) there. There was one CAGO nesting on an island. Also, 
that's a good place to see EABL and CHSP - on an asphalt path from one of the 
lakes to the parking lot. Other than that there were some TUTI and a few RBWP 
and DOWP.
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