[va-bird] kiptopeke 23 nov

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  • Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 16:33:59 -0500

what a blustery day, today.  total numbers were low, but a couple birds of 
interest kept things lively. Hunting the bean field at ~930 was a light-morph 
female Rough-legged hawk, that wandered south then drifted back north about 45 
min. later.  At about 1400, a non-adult, light-morph Swainson's hawk cruised 
south over the bean field. I'd be curious if anyone knows the late date for 
this bird in these parts.  Also, it seemed that not a minute passed all day 
when at least two Bald eagles weren't in the sky.  

BV- 50
TV- 67
BE- 4
NH- 4
SS- 5
CH- 4
RS- 1
SW- 1
RT- 19
RL- 1

TOTAL- 157

zach smith
kiptopeke hawkwatch

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