[va-bird] cowbirds don't stay put in my yard all summer

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  • Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 19:31:08 EDT

"It seems that since they stick around one yard the  whole breeding season, 
they have ample opportunity to monitor the various nests  they have left eggs 
This sentiment does not apply equally to all yards.  The cowbirds are  long 
gone from my yard by mid-July, not to be seen again until the next  March.
Additionally, I don't believe cowbirds--or any animals, except some  
humans--are "retaliatory". 
Considering that "no one saw the vandals", blaming cowbirds for the  
vandalism is totally without merit.  Hard data shouldn't be that  difficult to 
(for instance, a remote camera could be set up by a box) and  without it, 
there is really no point in this discussion.
Marlene A.  Condon (Author, The Nature-Friendly Garden, Stackpole Books,  
Nature Writer/Photographer/Speaker
Crozet, VA 22932-2204
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