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Hello VAbirders,

Some of you may recall that right about this time last year a Selasphorus 
species hummingbird appeared at the home of Mary Plimpton in Springfield, 
VA.  Mary contacted me this Monday, 11/25, to tell me that what appeared to 
be a Selasphorus hummer is visiting her humplants and humfeeder.  I 
couldn't get over to Mary's house (drat!) to see the bird, so asked Kurt 
Gaskill if he could check it out.  He did so and reports that yes, the bird 
is a Selasphorus hummer.  Thank you for the favor Kurt!

Mary Gustafson wasn't able to band the Selasphorus that visited Mary P. 
last year, so even if this year's bird is banded, we can't be sure it's the 
same bird.  But there is always that possibility.  Fun, eh?

Note: I'm cc'ing Mary Gustafson on this post.

Mary P. said that people are welcome to come by and see the bird.  Here are 
the directions from last year's post:


Mary Plimpton
6948 Spaniel Road
Fairfax County, VA

Directions:  From the intersection of Huntsman Blvd. and the Fairfax County 
Parkway, go north on Huntsman Blvd. to Rockefeller Lane, go left onto 
Rockefeller Lane.  Continuing on Rockefeller, go left onto Shotgun 
Court.  Continuing on Shotgun Court, go right onto Spaniel Road.  The house 
is on the left.

As always when visiting a host of any "rare" bird, please be respectful of 
the host's privacy and property, as well as their neighbors' privacy and 

Lori Markoff
Fairfax County

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