[va-bird] Re: Short-eared Owls, Fauquier County

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> been wondering where all the SEOWs were.  can you give us a bit more 
> detail on location?  I, at least, don't recall the previous posting.  jck 

I can't say where all of them are, but there were at least three near 
Rectortown tonight.  There have been a couple at Bull Run Post Office Road in 
Fairfax County as well, also posted here previously.  

Directions:  Find your way to the intersection of I-66 and US 17 South.  I 
think it is exit 28, but that might be wrong.  One direction will say 
Warrenton, the other says Marshall.  You want Marshall.  Go north from this 
exit, which might be route 710.  In a mile or so there is a traffic light in 
the heart of Marshall.  Go straight across.  That is indeed route 710.  In a 
few miles or so is Rectortown.  Pass through it.  As you head north from 
Rectortown, the trees end and the fields begin.  There is a farm on the left 
with black rail fence (there is a lot of black rail fence out there), and it 
might be called Edgewood or Edgemere or something similar.  There is ample 
room to pull off here and park well off the road.  However, it might be a bit 
of a better vantage to head another half-mile or so north to two gates on 
both sides of the road.  Here we parked and looked southeast mostly, on the 
field with the grass that isn't knee high.  There is a corn stubble field 
adjacent, and a cow pasture on the west side of the road.  There isn't room 
for many cars here, and the ground was rather soft and muddy today.  Parking 
on 710 isn't possible, nor legal.  



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