[va-bird] Sedge Wren, Bandy Field, City of Richmond

  • From: Arun Bose <arunbose@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 20:27:31 -0400

Hello VA Birders,
I birded Bandy Field this morning from about 8:05 - 8:30. The highlight of
the visit was a single SEDGE WREN. I watched the bird from about 8:20-8:30
at range of about 30' to 15' before it disappeared into thicker vegetation.
Mostly unobstructed views in good light.

The bird was in a semi-wet area with a few cat-tails and grasses. I
initially flushed the bird as I walked around the perimeter of this spot. My
first impression was of a sandy colored wren and I quickly realized that
this was a Sedge Wren; a species I have not seen previously. To me the sandy
coloration ruled out Marsh Wren which I find to be a darker chocolate brown
on first impression. The following description is from my notes made
immediately after observation.

Weak buff supercillium. Darker brownish eye-line with paler, thin eye ring.
Pale buff throat. Crown rusty and dark brown with light flecks. Nape -
grayish brown (unmarked?).

Upper parts rusty and dark brown with contrasting light streaks. Seemed to
have wider pale bands on the tertials (and other flight feathers?). Wings
very short, barley reaching rump.

Tail was a moderate length. Seemed shorter than House Wren but longer than
Winter Wren. Specific color/marking not noted.

Flanks and vent - a light rusty orange - washed out towards bend of wing and
coming across upper breast. Belly - pale buff/off white.

Pale legs (pinkish?), pale yellowish lower mandible, dark upper mandible,
dark eye.

The bird was silent during observation.

I returned around noon with hopes of seeing it again. However I could not
relocate it. 

Other species of note seen today;

Eastern Towhee - 6 (including 4 females)
Eastern Bluebird - 9
White Breasted Nuthatch - 1
Brown Headed Nuthatch - 3
Palm Warbler - 3 (at least 1 appeared to be 'Eastern')
Yellow-rumped Warbler - 2
Song Sparrow -3
Easren Phoebe - 1
Indigo Bunting - 1
Coopers Hawk - 1

Arun Bose,
Richmond, VA

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