[va-bird] SNOWY OWL @ Dulles Airport

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  • Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 09:09:04 -0500 (GMT-05:00)


I was able to find the SNOWY OWL early this morning at Dulles Airport from atop 
the parking garage spoken about by Sue Heath yesterday.  I parked across the 
street from the parking garage and climbed the stairs, therefore not worrying 
about paying any fees.  When I arrived, I could see others with a scope looking 
out at something.  After I climbed the stairs and as I exited the stairwell, I 
could hear laughter.  It is the signal that the bird must be there, as if it 
were not, the mood would be different.  As I approached, I found it to be Mike 
Boatwright and two of his friends.  I looked toward the direction their scope 
pointed and saw the owl atop one of the light poles along the runway.  The 
light pole already has some whitewash, showing the owl has been frequenting the 
spot.  What a stunning bird!  It has a small amount of dark-colored feathers, 
but is otherwise white.  Many photos I have seen of other Snowys that have come 
south show a heavy dark coloration throughout, but not this bird.

Thanks to Sue and Mike for posting about the bird, and for those who discovered 
it.  What a treat!

Jay Keller,

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