[va-bird] Rough-legged Hawks & Short-eared Owls, Loudoun Co., Again!

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Stopped by Montressor Rd again today & saw numerous Rough-legged Hawks as well 
as 2 Short-eared Owls.  Ran into Stan Shetler there who was sure there were at 
least 8 Rough-legged Hawks in the area - I would have to agree w/him.  Saw the 
first owl a little before 5 p.m.  Both owls, a male & a female, were 
interacting for a while & made that strange barking sound they make.  When I 
saw the first owl it was perched in a tree right alongside the road as were 
several of the Rough-legged Hawks.
The large mixed flock of sparrows was again present in the area where 
Montressor Rd makes a 90 degree turn north.  Lots of Tree Sparrows in the mixed 
flock.  There was a Meadowlark in the same area as well as an immature Harrier 
& a male Am. Kestrel.  I also think this is the area where Stan saw the Merlin 
today & Liam yesterday.

I'm not sure how they could squeeze in but there were also a couple of 
Red-tailed Hawks in the area.

Montressor Rd, Rt. 661, is 2 or 3 miles north of Leesburg, Loudoun Co. & about 
the same distance south of Lucketts.  It run west & north from Rt. 15.  If you 
are going north from Leesburg it is the 1st numbered road on Rt. 15 on the left 
after you pass the turn off to White's Ferry on your right.

Joe Coleman
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