[va-bird] Riverbend Park, another good day

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Hello all,

We got up before dawn so we could arrive at Riverbend Park (in Northern 
Virginia on the Potomac) before sunrise.

As we stood in the SW corner of the meadow and watched the sunlight hit the 
tops of the trees it was as if someone turned on the Warbler switch. The trees 
and brush were alive with birds.

We had a total of 39 species, and all we did was walk back and forth along 
about 200 feet of meadow edge.

Highlights included:
 nine species of warblers:
  Tennessee--at least three and this was a life bird for us
   Northern Parula--two or three
   Chestnut-sided--many, in many variations of plummage
   Magnolia--many; Magnolias continue to be very plentiful, including in our 
   Black-throated Blue--a very handsome male
   Black-throated Green--all over the place, including one male who was in near 
complete breeding plummage
   Black-and-White--at least two
   Common yellowthroat--several bouncing around in the underbrush

   Baltimore Oriole, Summer Tanager, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Ruby-crowned 
Kinglet, Eastern Phoebe, Eastern wood-Peewee, half-a-dozen Indigo Buntings, and 
a Chipping Sparrow.

What a great morning to be out bird watching. It was even cool enough for 
jackets. We were joined by Ralph Wall and Bob Mixon.

Jay and Carol Hadlock
Herndon, VA

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