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Steve, I have to agree with you about the Sibley's. That is partly the reason I 
got the imm. Bald Eagle ID wrong. Someone mentioned an Audubon book that had 
arrows pointing to the differences in similar birds. Maybe someone out there 
could let us know which version that is? I have an old Audubon Handbook from 
1988 that I just dug out (grey vinyl cover) that has field marks and similar 
species descriptions, but no arrows. They are photographs, which I prefer over 
drawings, but at my age, I need arrows :)
Thanks for asking the question, Steve
And thanks in advance for any answers..
BTW, we were at York River State Park last weekend and there is an Osprey nest 
on a platform right behind the visitor's center with one chick in it. I was 
able to get some decent pictures of it but again, the 400mm lens doesn't have 
quite enough reach.
For most of my visit, the parent called continuously, and kept it protected 
from view. At one point some canoeists came by, and the adult flew a short 
distance from the nest. The chick was so well camouflaged. it wasn't visible at 
all. Mother Nature at work...
Have a great weekend
Lynda Blair
New Kent, VA

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