[va-bird] Re: Please be thoughtful about wildlife and do not go ticking

  • From: Pmkane1953@xxxxxxx
  • To: jwcoffey@xxxxxxxxxx, va-bird@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 17:42:13 EDT

    I get the gist of your mail, I think. Yes, I  read the Title 36CFR 
regarding hunting on certain public  lands. This is not the citation I quoted 
earlier. And, what you  say about the use of the calling devices that are being 
in certain hunting  situations seems true enough. One thing though, so far as 
I can tell,  these devices are being used in connection with managed hunts 
and other wildlife  management practices. Just to be sure, surely, you folks in 
TN are not hunting songbirds, right?
    Also, the CFR specifically authorizes  management to establish guidelines 
to manage hunts and the use of certain  hunting devices. No such exceptions 
appear in the CFR Code  I quoted earlier. The citaton I quoted discusses 
wildlife  protection, outside of the scope of hunting altogether. So, lets try  
to mix our apples and oranges up? 
    As, for the remainder of your post, yes, it sure  sounds like you might 
be a good candidate to practice all of the habits you  suggest. Let me know who 
this works out for you, offline please. Thanx for your  mail.
Paul Kane
Falls Church, Virginia  

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