[va-bird] Loudoun Co, 8/17/02

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  • Date: Sat, 17 Aug 2002 19:35:36 EDT


I visited Loudoun County this morning, starting at Dulles Wetlands (which is 
near Oatlands) and then visited the area near the blue ridge foothills in the 
NW portion of the county.  Highlights were the hawks - some activity was 
noted along the ridges today with Osprey, Sharp-shinned Hawk, Cooper's Hawk 
and several Broad-winged Hawks observed.  All of these were seen near the 
Blue Ridge Center of Education near Neersville.

I found that Yellow-billed Cuckoos were readily heard and seen today - I 
noted 8 and my activities were mainly confined to field edges; I noted CF at 
Dulles Wetlands.

Only one Willow Flycatcher was noted, along the road to the AT trailhead 
northwest of Round Hill.  Four Common Ravens were sparring with Turkey 
Vultures along the ridge east of Neersville.  Three Purple Martins were 
noted, 2 were over BRCE fields.  A telephone wire was the perch for 17 Bank 
Swallows.  And I tallied 83 Barn Swallows during the morning's travels.

A little bit of warbler activity was noted at Dulles Wetlands with a No. 
Parula showing up near a Yellow Warbler.  A HY Yellow-breasted Chat flew 
across the road as another growled from the nearby scrub.

Lastly, I noted a flock of about 150 Common Grackles along the ridge near 
BRCE, an adult Orchard Oriole at Dulles Wetlands and 2 adult Baltimore 
Orioles in the field along the road to the aforementioned AT trailhead.

Kurt Gaskill

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