[va-bird] Loggerhead Shrike at Sky Meadows State Park, Fauquier Co.

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  • Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2002 11:14:28 -0400

When the Banshee Reeks Bird Walk was cancelled this morning I decided to visit 
Sky Meadows State Park in northwestern Fauquier County to see what I could 
find.  I was not disappointed as I saw my first LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE in several 
months at about 10:00 am.

The single Loggerhead Shrike, approx. 100 feet from the rd, was on the east 
side of Rt. 17 right before you get to the parking lot in front of the stable.  
It was in the scrub between the paved road and Rt. 17.  I watched it for 
several minutes - it was still there when I left.   It took turns between 
perching in a small tree and flycatching. 

When I first got there I took a quick walk on the Nature Trail and the first 
part of the Bridle Trail where the most int'ng bird I saw was a fleeting glance 
at a Swamp Sparrow.  There was also one Red-tailed Hawk and one perching, 
silent Raven along w/about a dozen Mockingbirds, several Field Sparrow and lots 
of Song Sparrows.  Most of the other species one expects to see in this area 
were also present (i.e., Crows, Bluebirds, Gold Finches, etc.).  Not 
surprisingly, I did not see any Red-headed Woodpeckers in this area as they are 
not as common in this section of the park.

One Fox Squirrel, always a pleasure to see, crossed the Bridle Trail while I 
was on it.

Joe Coleman
near Bluemont, VA
540-554-2542 or jandkcoleman@xxxxxxxxx

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