[va-bird] Lesser Black-back Gull

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  • Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 13:22:12 EST

I put Dan Cristol's information to good use on Sunday.  I rode  the free 
ferry at Jamestown across and back and  I got to see my first ever  Lesser 
Black-backed Gull.   From Dan's description I expected that  if I saw him at 
all he 
would be following the ferry with the hundred or so  other gulls on the river.  
And I would be trying to figure  out how big he was and if the legs really 
were yellow or I just really  wanted them to be.  And of course if it was an 
immature  bird, all bets were off.  But I decided to give it a shot  anyway.
As it turned out he was fully mature and sitting on a piling at the  southern 
dock right next to a Herring Gull and in full sunlight.  And  best of all his 
legs were undoubtedly the color of French's mustard.   Gotta love it.   
I'll also report there were Great Black-backed Gulls, Ring-billed,  Herring, 
and Bonapartes, DC Cormorants, Bufflehead, Forsters Terns, Brown  Pelicans, 
Turkey and Black Vultures and one each Great Blue Heron, Red-tail  Hawk, and 
immature Bald Eagle.

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