[va-bird] Kiptopeke songbird banding 10/6-10/12

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  • Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2002 13:14:24 -0400

Howdy all,

Since the banding station has been rained out the past two days, I have been 
able to get a little caught up! Last weekend was the birding festival here and 
it was very busy. And so were the birds Sunday! We ended up banding 246 
individuals Sunday! A fun day for all!  Since Sunday, bird numbers have been a 
little slow. But a few nice birds were caught to help in the quality 
With a cold front looming, we are looking to have a pretty nice day for bird 
numbers Monday. At least we hope!  We are expecting a large number of 
Yellow-rumps to be in the mix. Those guys should give us a pretty busy day. 

The birds listed below are from the time period 10/6 to 10/10.  We were rained 
out on the 10/11 and 10/12. More than half the birds listed came from Sunday 
the 6th alone! 


Jethro Runco
Head Songbird Bander 

A. Redstart            18
Black and White     12
Blackpoll                5
Black-thr. Blue        94
Cape May               1
C. Yellowthroat       13
Hooded                   1
Magnolia                 7
Yellow-rumped        133
Nashville                 1
N. Parula                2
N. Waterthrush        1
Ovenbird                 12
Pine                        2
Prairie                     1 
Palm    (western)     5
            (yellow)       3

Blue-headed Vireo      2
Red-eyed Vireo          12
White-eyed Vireo        1
Brown Creeper            13
Golden-crowned Kinglet  10
Ruby-crowned Kinglet     6
Brown Thrasher            4
Gray Catbird                64
N. Mockingbird             1
Gray-cheeked Thrush    5
Swainson's Thrush        1
Veery                           1
Winter Wren                 4
House Wren                 7
Indigo Bunting               8
Northern Cardinal          2
Eastern Towhee           2
Field Sparrow               1
Swamp Sparrow            1
Song Sparrow               2
Slate-colored Junco      2

37 species and a total of 460 individuals


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