[va-bird] Kiptopeke banding 9/11 Great day!

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Howdy all,
Sorry this is so late, but I definitely wanted to post this day! It was an 
incredible day at the banding station Saturday. Maybe the best day I personally 
have had during the three plus years I have been at Kiptopeke! It was the most 
diverse (species wise) day we have had at Kiptopeke since at least 2001. We 
topped the day with 36 species banded plus one other that was a recapture. We 
ended up banding 270 birds. We caught two species that have not been caught in 
at least 11 years! It is days like that, that make Kiptopeke such a magical 
Below is the totals with comments off to the side about a few select birds. 

American Redstart      49
Magnolia                     6
Northern Parula            2
Prairie                         1
Common Yellowthroat   30
Black-thr. Blue             22
Mourning                     1           (third one of the season--ties a 10 
year high)
Yellow                         1           (having a good year here)
Black-and-white            4           (only 4?)
Chestnut-sided             3
Blue-winged                 1            (getting close to a ten year high)
Northern Waterthrush    10         (only had 17 in 2002)
Ovenbird                      4
Worm-eating                1
Pine                            1

Least                     2
Yellow-bellied         3
Acadian                 1
Traill's                    10
E. Wood-pewee      2

Warbling                1           (first one banded in at least 11 years!  
Only the 12th ever banded since 1963!)
White-eyed            2            (also had a recapture of one that was banded 
9/10/2002! Only one day off!)
Red-eyed Vireo     55           (GREAT year for REVI. Only 52 caught in 2000 
and 89 in 2003, ten year high is 99)
Philadelphia           2            (ten-year high is only four)

House Wren            4
Field Sparrow          3
Indigo Bunting         1
Veery                     30          (average for the last ten years is only 
Swainson's Thrush    2
Scarlet Tanager        1
Gray Catbird            3
Baltimore Oriole       3
Rose-breasted Grosbeak   4    (Ten-year high all in one day!!)
Yellow-billed Cuckoo         1
Black-billed Cuckoo          2     (Highest season total since 1996 is one--one 
in 1998, 1999, 2003)

Chuck-will's-widow         2       (Yes, TWO! Only the 11th and 12th ever 
banded here and the first in at least 11 years!)

It was such a great day at the station! I want to thank all the volunteers that 
day for doing an excellent job! I applauded you all!
It is days like this that keep me coming back year after year! 

There is NO place like Kiptopeke!
Jethro Runco  (the Kansas transplant)

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