[va-bird] Kiptopeke banding 10/10 & 10/11:GREEN HERON!!!

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  • Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 16:59:57 EDT

Howdy all,
The last two days have been a little better in the number of captures but it 
is still pretty low what should be here this time of year. The last two days 
we have also see quite a bit of drizzle which has "dampened" netting. Yesterday 
there were birds dripping from the trees at the park but we only managed to 
catch 132. The highlight of the day was the banding of a GREEN HERON!!! It 
might possibly be the first one ever banded here!! Yippee! Yesterday we also 
saw a 
CATBIRDS. Today we saw a slight change in the species with CATBIRDS still being 
dominate but the BLUES seemed to have moved out of the area. As a very 
interesting side note from the last two days was the amount of fat most birds 
carrying! They are all HUGE!  The birds were the fattest I have ever seen at 
Kiptopeke. Totally amazing! They must have been stacked up for a while.
Anyway, here are the totals for the last two days. As another note, notice 
that there were NO YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS caught!! Where are they?

10/10 totals:

GREEN HERON            1            I think you all know how excited I am on 
this one!!
A. Redstart                  19
Magnolia                       2
N. Parula                      5
Black-throated Blue      35
Black-throated Green     1             first of the season
C. Yellowthroat              4
Black-and-white             1
Blackpoll                       1
Western Palm               1
E. Wood-pewee              1
Traill's Flycatcher            1
Indigo Bunting                 4
Gray Catbird                  56           a few around!
TOTAL ------------------------ 132

10/11 totals:

A. Redstart                      9
Magnolia                         4
N. Parula                         3
Blackpoll                         2
Back-throated Blue           3           a lot less than yesterday
Black-and-white                4
Western Palm                  4
      Yellow Palm               1
C. Yellowthroat                 3
Ovenbird                           1
Yellow-breasted Chat        2
Field Sparrow                    1
Indigo Bunting                   5
Red-eyed Vireo                 2
Swainson's Thrush            1
Gray Catbird                     46       still a few around
N. Mockingbird                  1
N. Cardinal                       1
TOTAL  -------------------------  93

The next few days look to be a little windy. Hope it's not. We need more nice 
days of lots of birds!!

Jethro Runco

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