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Hello again, just one more please......

Thanks for your patience.  Lori Markoff, Vienna, VA.

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>On 9/23/02 17:18, Allen Chartier amazilia1@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >Just a couple of facts, without opinion.
>Here's another:
>An adult female Rufous appeared a few miles from my home on October 5,
>2001. I was finally able to trap her on December 1, after THREE SUBZERO
>NIGHTS had killed all the yard's flowers and she'd begun using feeders
>for the first time. She was in excellent condition, weighing a healthy
>3.8 grams. A few days later--in much warmer weather--she left. This bird
>had been banded as an adult by Nancy Newfield on November 24, 2000, in
>Lanny Chambers
>St. Louis, USA
>Humnet Rogues' Gallery: http://www.hummingbirds.net/rogues.html

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