[va-bird] Re: Fairfax/Arlington County birds - 11/9

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  • Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2003 20:43:35 EST

I shouldn't even weigh in on that bird, being admittedly 
shorebird-challenged, but...
There was patterning on the bird's back - in fact, we joked that when it 
turned it back on us, we'd have thought it to be a mourning dove (size was 
too). It did indeed have a noticeable droop to the bill, which we even 
commented was "dunlin-like" - but no snipe were around at the time, the bird 
alone, feeding with a definite sewing-machine up and down motion.

It also had faint diffuse barring on the upper breast, viewed through a 
bright Swarowski scope. There was a light supercilium as well. We weren't 
considering dunlin in the differential, but between dowitcher and stilt, I felt 
quite sure it was not the former.

Leni Friedman

è Stilt would show some slight gray patterning;

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