[va-bird] Difficult Run, Fairfax Co. sparrows etc

  • From: Frederick Atwood <fredatwood@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2002 16:18:35 -0800 (PST)

   On the last three Sunday afternoons I have spent about 1 1/2 hours counting 
the sparrows at Difficult Run near Samaga Rd in Oakton. Here are the results. 

Bird Species: # on Nov 3/ # on Nov 10/ # Nov 17 

Song Sparrow: 55/55/40 
Swamp Sparrow: 15/11/5 
Chipping Sparrow: 2/8/0 
Field Sparrow: 1/10/4 
Fox Sparrow: 5/4/17(the most I've seen in 1 flock) 
White-throated Sparrow: 20/40/25 
Junco: 10/15/25 
Towhee: 1/0/0 

Other Birds: 
Merlin: 1/0/0 
Sharp-shinned Hawk: 1/1/0 
Red-tailed Hawk: 0/1/0 
Red-shouldered Hawk: 0/1/0 
Barred Owl: 1/0/0 
Phoebe: 1/0/0 
Hermit Thrush: 0/1/0 
Winter Wren: 3/2/7 
Bluebird: 2/2/4 
Robin: 180/2/0 
Cardinal: 15/19/25 
Goldfinch: 5/5/8 
Mockingbird: 3/2/3 
Golden-crowned Kinglet: 4/2/2 
Ruby-crowned Kinglet: 5/1/0 
Brown creeper: 0/2/2 
Great Blue Heron: 0/0/1

   Other birds seen each week: flicker, downy, hairy, red-bellied, pileated, 
blue-jay, common crow, carolina chickadee, titmouse, 

Birds were eating the following berries today in the cold rain:

poison ivy: white-throated sparrow (2), junco (20), Cardinal (15), flicker (4), 
downy (3), hairy (1), red-bellied (1), titmouse (2)

multiflora rose: cardinal (1)

mile-a-minute: cardinal (1)

sycamore seeds: goldfinch (5)

tulip poplar seeds: cardinal (7)

arrowwood berries: bluebird (4)

The fox sparrows didn't show me what they were eating. They were mostly under 
the tangles of polygonum.  The ones I saw were feeding by leaf-kicking.

All the best
Fred Atwood

Frederick D. Atwood     fredatwood@xxxxxxxxx
Flint Hill School, 10409 Academic Dr, Oakton, VA 22124

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