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 Snappers are primarily vegetarian? I have seen them clear a whole pond of 
ducklings by grasping the feet and pulling them under. The also eat fish. Why 
would they need such powerful jaws if they were primarily vegetarian?
 Margaret O'Bryan
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   Thanks to all of you who responded to my post about the Snapping Turtle 
feeding on the Canada Goose carcass. We rechecked the area this morning and saw 
no sign of the remnants; they could have drifted off in the current from the 
feeder stream or just sunk.   The majority opinion was that the turtle was 
scavenging, and that snappers are primarily vegetarian.    Interestingly, we 
met a neighbor this morning who told us that her husband had seen a snapper 
attempting to drown an adult duck in the same location. He beat on the turtle 
with an oar and the duck managed to get away, although she didn't know the 
outcome.   Wendy Ealding Chesterfield County   
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