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Birding on the Bay-Bridge Tunnel on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning 
produced a good variety of ducks but in small numbers.  Observed were 2 
female Common Eiders, one (possibly two) Harlequin Ducks, a male Black 
Scoter, two Long-tailed Ducks, and small rafts of Surf Scoters and 
Red-breasted Mergansers.
Island 3 produced the eiders, harlequin, and scoters.

The expected Gannets, Great and Double-crested Cormorants, Purple Sandpipers 
(a large flock on island 3) and Ruddy Turnstones were also present.  I didn't 
find any unusual gulls among the Gr. Black-backed, Herring and Ring-bill 
gathered along the rocks.

My trip took me from Taylor's Gut, DE (across the road from the Woodland 
Beach impoundments) where I saw the (escapee?) White-checked Pintail, to Port 
Mahon Rd. where the Snowy Owl is still present, to the ponds near Broadkill 
Beach where Snow Geese have congregated in the thousands, to Chincoteague 
where there were two Little Blue Heron, and good numbers of Dunlin, Willets, 
Oystercatchers, Yellow-legs, and Sanderlings, and to First Landing State Park 
in Virginia Beach where I heard at least 15 singing Pine Warblers.  All along 
the way, the spring migration seemed underway.

Ralph Wall
Great Falls, Va.

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