[va-bird] Re: Black Rail ???

  • From: "C. Michael Stinson" <cms@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 20:25:12 -0400

The Black Rail was heard briefly at Huntley Meadows this morning (Friday, 14
June). I heard it twice between 8 and 8:15 a.m., both times calling for less
than a minute before falling silent. I heard it from the same spot along the
boardwalk that was previously described, but the bird was some distance from
the boardwalk when it called (and not within the area encircled by the
boardwalk). The two times I heard it this morning were the only times I
heard it while spending two hours at the spot last night and a little over
four hours this morning. Maybe it will be more vocal tonight. Also at
Huntley last night were the Glossy Ibis (also spotted this morning) and two
adult Yellow-crowned Night-Herons (fly-bys) along with the more usual

Mike Stinson
Dillwyn, VA

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> Has anyone heard or seen the Rail yesterday or today? I'm not getting all
> my e-mail messages and have seen no postings on the Rail these past two
> Gerry Weinberger
> Doswell


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