[va-bird] Anhinga on Eastern Shore, plus Kiptopeke banding 11/20:Ovenbird

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  • Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 15:54:44 EST

Howdy all,

The highlight of the day has to go to Scott McConnell (CVWO Hawk Counter) 
when he radioed over that there was an ANHINGA soaring over the park. From the 
banding station, I was able to see the bird as it slowly circled to the south. 
Pretty much made both of our days!! An ok picture of this bird can be seen on 
my blog at www.kiptopeke.blogspot.com
At least you can tell what it is anyway.

As for banding, we had a nice start but died extremely quickly. We caught 
nothing after 8am. Best bird of the day has to go to the foreign recapture of 
OVENBIRD. Great to get someone else's bird and its a pretty late Ovenbird too. 
We also had a HOUSE WREN today as well. The last one we had of those was on 
the 21st of Oct, a full month ago. Also had three FOX SPARROWS which always 
brighten ones' day!

As for the last two days of the season here, I am not sure we are going to be 
able to work. The weather forecast is calling for a lot of wind which is 
really bad for the banding station, mostly this time of year. I am hopefully 
the weathermen are wrong, but it does look ugly. 

Here are the totals for 11/20:
Brown Creeper                    1
House Wren                       1
Fox Sparrow                       3
Field Sparrow                      5
Swamp Sparrow                  5
Song Sparrow                     5
White-throated Sparrow       11
Hermit Thrush                      2
TOTAL ---------------------------   33

Jethro Runco
Coastal Virginia Wildlife Observatory

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