[v-webmail] setting up for virtual hosts

  • From: "Ryan Johnson" <ryan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 08:02:51 +1000

I love the clean interface of v-webmail. I've been hunting around for
one like this for ages.
I am setting up v-webmail on my virtual server so that other domains
that I manage can view their mail and I have a couple of questions
1. I have installed v-webmail on it's own server (email.domain.com).
This is where I want users to log in from. I have specified the domains
that I manage in local.vhosts with the urls= parameter and created each
server in local.servers, but the login screen seems to select the wrong
server. Am I setting it up incorrectly?
2. Is it also possible for the login process to be simpler for users by
logging in with just their username and password without having to
supply other details such as mailhost, type, folder prefix etc.?
3. Can user select a different time zone for the emails?
Many Thanks,

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