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  • From: "wizard" <wizard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2003 16:11:19 +0800

I run into a situation for where the installation of vwebmail had to be entirly 
under the originating htdocs directory. This type of installation is seen 
mostly in hosted enviroments etc...

Well the current setup of v-webmail requires the sub-directories of v-webmail 
be uploaded tot he same root as the htdocs. But this doesnt suit all types of 
instalations. Now its all nell and good to install v-webmail as is, and then 
change the htdocs directory to another name, but if your installing into 
something like yourhost.com/webmail , then the last thing you want is to have 

So a simple solution is to open up your config.php and change hte following :

$CONFIG['base_dir'] = dirname(getcwd()) . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR;

to this :

$CONFIG['base_dir'] = dirname(_FILE_) . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR;

You should bea able to load all the files nad directories under htdocs intothe 
root of you newly created webmail directory, then upload the rest of the 
v-webmail instalation directories tot he same place...

- wizard

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