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  • From: "Andi Taylor" <andi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2003 18:00:18 +0100

Just to clarify... 
To test, I sent myself an attachment via Compose. Arrives instantly,
with a paperclip icon at the left hand side.
I view the message - and the Help says there should be another box under
the headers for the attachment details - but there isn't.

Have I missed an option somewhere?
I have set /tmp /userdata and /logs to chmod 777 (to make sure). Nothing
in the logs is showing an error. Tried clearing the cache, logging
out/in, etc etc...

I know the attachments are there - download the message via Outlook and
it appears :S

Help! :P ;)

:: Andi ::

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Subject: Viewing Attachments

Am I being completely stupid?
When I receive mail with an attachment - you see the paperclip icon..
but how do I download/view the attachment??

I can send them find in Compose...

:: Andi ::

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