[v-webmail] Re: TO: Field to be filled in?

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  • Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 10:59:47 -0700


Not sure if I understand this... how will they send email unless they know
where it's going?

If you mean for support, what I do is specify a default address book for the
users. So they sign in, and when they click compose right there on the right
it says "Email Support"

All they have to do is double click it to move the email over to the To:

This seems the only logical way to accomplish what you're asking... am I
missing something?

All of that is done via java script (though I haven't looked.) You could make
a drop down or something.. but i don't think this makes sense.

If you want, you could specify the default value of the To: field, so
everytime they click compose it says "Type Email Address Here" or something.

But.. if the users are like you're making them sound, they'll probably type
their own email address etc. It may be better to teach them how to click on
the help link when composing a message?


"Adam Seniuk" <adams@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi, all:
> I have a question here, that i think we will have to hack the code to
> How would I get the To address to be filled in automatically? 
> so that my users dont call me up and ask how to send mail...?
> Thanks!
> Adam Seniuk
> adams@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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