[USS Tempest] Walking to the Temple

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  • Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2006 13:07:49 EST

Walking to the Temple
by the Bajoran
They warned us.  The ones who were speaking to the Xenexian.  I  thought the 
Xenexian was dead or disappeared and that was too bad. The man was a  doctor.  
He could've put me out of my misery but that'll happen soon any  way.  They 
warned us he found help and that they'd be coming soon.   Looked like Fed ships 
that flew over.  Must have been true what those  others said.
Crazy big eared Vorta was livid.  The more out of control his JemHadar  got, 
the wilder he got.  Not wild like the Jemmies though but in what he  did.  
S'why I wish that Xenexian was here to put me out of my misery.   Didn't know 
those cloned things could laugh like that.  I can't stand up  any more, not 
what that fucker did to me.  His men dropped me in a  heap but the ones who 
were talking to the Xenexian...they moved me as carefully  as they could.  Left 
one of the Vulcans to watch me.  Should've asked  one of them to use that 
neck thing on me.  Prophets but this  hurts....
Those Fed pilots.  They fly good.  Kept their shots out of the  compound 
where we were.  Herded the Jemmies away from us, kept the Vorta  from letting 
kill us out of spite.  I think the Hybrid laughed, maybe  it was the Klingon, 
when the force field dome frizzled out.  I would have  but I spit out blood 
Prophets...Marines.  Genuine Marines.  I would have cried but  that hurt, 
too.  They looked like they meant business.  Problem was  the Jemmies were 
starved.  The Human was right about that.  Ugly  bumped freaks about 
slaughtered the company that came down.  Yeah, they  kept them away from us but 
at such 
a cost...especially when some of us are dead  already.  
Who the hell sent a girl down in a Marine uniform?  I'm seeing things  as I 
approach the Celestial Temple.  Must be.  What's that Vulcan  saying?  Beamed?  
Where to?  What the hell species is that Marine  with those ears?  Oh 
Prophets...NO!  I couldn't yell.  Tell them  the head Jemmie got the girl.  I 
breathe.  Can't see  either.  Can't se the sky any more.  I'm in a box.  
There's no  ceiling here.  Must be a box.
Losing my hearing too.  That's no voice I recognize talking to  me.  It 
doesn't sound angry or afraid.  Warm hands.  Warm voice  talking to me.  
"Peace comes from within, friend.  Your Prophets dwell in you.   They will 
bring you peace," the warm voice told me.  It spoke to someone  else.  "No, 
Sergeant, this one passes.  I will stay with him."
I trued to say something to the voice.  Tell it about the girl, the  others.  
Somebody made a gargling noise.  They were choking.  I  think it's me.  
"Easy, friend, you are safe here.  Think pure thoughts now.   Think happy 
ones.  The sage tells us that if a man speaks or acts with a  pure thought then 
happiness follows him like a shadow that never leaves.   Go,friend.  Your work 
is done here.  Take your happiness with you to  the Temple."
I can't feel the hands that belong to the voice any more but it's still  
warm.  Is that the Emissary I see now?  Maybe he'll tell them  about...

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