<USS Lovisa> 0806.10 Lovisa sim

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  • To: usslovisa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 00:30:18 EDT

VAdm Radetzky:     ** BEGIN SIM **
VAdm Radetzky:     ** BEGIN SIM **
VAdm Radetzky:     ** DEATH TO STSF **
joymudd:     (( Just Admiral Goran, really....   ))
MoonshadowsToNEN:     ::In conference room listen e wise old admiral::
VAdm Radetzky:     :looks to Moon:    Who   you need to go vith?   Enyvon 
VAdm Radetzky:     :is not wise:
VAdm Radetzky:     :X
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     ::shielded, hugging Benjamin to her, glancing furtively 
at her crewmates and then back to the phaser wielding humans::
joymudd:      :: Holds up her hand to her chest, covering her necklace ::
Mara Ryell:     ::steps in front of Sarah, in the path of the phasers::
VAdm Radetzky:     ACTION:   The demolished ex-moonbase appears all but 
lifeless.   Systems are on...but on minimal power, and that fluctuating.
MoonshadowsToNEN:     Well sir... if I am to speak to the council, Joy and 
Zel would be handy, but they are away.... 
joymudd:     +Lovisa text message :   armed humans our location outgunned 
VAdm Radetzky:     I send Zel vith you vhen she feeling better
Mara Ryell:     ::calling to the humans::   We're not here to fight!   Put 
down the weapons so we can talk!
Isa Revived:     Looks like a ghost town ... 
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     ::tries to extend her shield around Mara::
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     Human Leader> ::rather glazed expression::   Put your 
hands up or we shoot.
Mara Ryell:     ::glances back at Sarah::   Don't worry about it.   Protect 
the kid.
VAdm Radetzky:     ACTION:   Sensors are picking up some weird energy 
VAdm Radetzky:     (from the moonbase)
MoonshadowsToNEN:     YEs sir, I will Make ready to beam down immediately...
Mara Ryell:     ::looks at Joy and Sarah::   We should probably do as they 
say ...
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     ::will have real difficulty putting her hands up while 
holding a baby::
joymudd:     :: drops hand from chest, holds staff fwith the other. ::
Isa Revived:     What in the ... ::looks at console::
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     Human Leader> Hands up!   Now!   ::doesn't look 
entirely well::
Mara Ryell:     ::lifts her hands out a bit::   We're not even armed.   Look 
at us.
joymudd:     :: Stands casually ::
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     I... ::sets Benjamin on the ground between her feet and 
straightens, holding her hands up::
Mara Ryell:     ::calls out again::   Let us help you.   What do you want?
VAdm Radetzky:     Alex>   Es good.   Vill send you to Enneen :badly butchers 
the pronunciation:   Iz home, da?
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     Human Leader> ::gesturing with phaser::   Into the 
shelter.   Move.
Mara Ryell:     ::whispers to Joy::   You're better at this diplomacy stuff 
... give it a shot.
MoonshadowsToNEN:     As close as we get sir, we are nomadic... To Ennien it 
is sir...
Isa Revived:     S'Nac > ::at Ops, notices text message::
joymudd:     Shrugs.    These are not diplomats.
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     ::hesitates, then asks::   How am I supposed to keep my 
hands up and go into the shelter with my son sitting on my feet?
VAdm Radetzky:     Da.   Good luk!
Mara Ryell:     ::to Sarah:: Pick him up slowly.
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     Benjamin> ::would crawl away, but can't crawl out of 
Sarah's shield::
joymudd:     :: takes a few slow steps towards the shelter, but waits for an 
answer to Sarah's question. ::
Isa Revived:     S'Nac > +Joy+ Lovisa here ... what assistance do you 
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     Human Leader> Take him in there.   Keep your hands 
where I can see them.   ::gestures with phaser again::
Mara Ryell:     ::to the Human Leader::   She's got to carry her baby.   
::indicates Sarah, moving in the direction of the shelter::
Isa Revived:     ::looks at Rikka:: Strange readings huh?
MoonshadowsToNEN:     ::Rises:: by youor leave Admiral?
Rikka Kilgarran:     ::frowning::   Someone's hurt pretty bad.   But there's 
something here that's making my head hurt too.
VAdm Radetzky:     Da   :salutes:
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     ::grunts a little, bending over to pick Benjamin up 
again::   Ow.   ::softly::
joymudd:     :: Reaches to cover her necklace with her off hand again ::
Mara Ryell:     ::winces at Sarah's pain::   Sorry .. ::whispers::
MoonshadowsToNEN:     ::Tail loops in laughter:: Dos' vedanya Admiral ::Turns 
and walks out::
VAdm Radetzky:     Eh? :blinks:   Hm.   :steps onto the bridge:
joymudd:     +Text    beam up of everyone with a weapon, neutralize weapon, 
would be nice +
Isa Revived:     S'Nac > +Joy+ ::texting:: On it now.
VAdm Radetzky:     ACTION:   Launch detection from the southern continent 
.... Sivao shouldn't HAVE missile capability!
Isa Revived:     S'Nac > :::locks onto armed people in area, energizes::::
Isa Revived:     Your head hurt?
VAdm Radetzky:     Alex> :settles onto comfy chair:   Vat iz happeneen?
Mara Ryell:     ((sorry, AFK for a moment))
OnlineHost:     âCdr Sarah Mollinâ has left the room.
VAdm Radetzky:     (Since Sarah's not here)   ACTION:   S'Nac nabs the humans 
without problem.
joymudd:     There is a time for diplomacy....
joymudd:     Is everyone all right?
MoonshadowsToNEN:     ::Checks in withÂduty security officer and heads for 
OnlineHost:     âCdr Sarah Mollinâ has entered the room.
Isa Revived:     (( wb ))
VAdm Radetzky:     SecTeam> :converging on the TR to deal with their new 
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     (( ::shoots computer:: ))
Isa Revived:     Wait ... ::puts hand up to temple:: I'm feeling something 
strange too.
joymudd:     :: Sort of regrets that she lost the security guard ::
OnlineHost:     âRikka Kilgarranâ has left the room.
MoonshadowsToNEN:     ::Enters TL::
OnlineHost:     âRikka Kilgarranâ has entered the room.
Mara Ryell:     ::Joy:: I'm fine.   ::looks over at Sarah::   You two?
joymudd:     :: Imagines six bad guys and a security guard materializing in a 
TR upstairs....   ::
VAdm Radetzky:     Alex>   :frowns as the tac console beeps:   :rises, hovers 
over S'nac's shoulder:
Isa Revived:     I don't like to say it, but I think we should get out of 
here ... for a moment at least. 
Rikka Kilgarran:     ::looks at him::   Are you a Sensitive too?
VAdm Radetzky:     Alex>   They FYREEN?
joymudd:     :: Hopes Lovisa remembered to activate the disarm feature ::
Isa Revived:     Well being Trill I am telepathic if that's what you mean.
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     ::sighing::   I'm fine.   ::balances Benjamin on one 
hip and rubs her tummy with the other hand::
MoonshadowsToNEN:     ::Enters TR 2::
VAdm Radetzky:     SecTeam> :wanders into the TR to find some disarmed, but 
rather annoyed humans:
joymudd:     :: Pulls up her tricorder, and scans for life signs ::
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     We need to find the Sivaoans who should be here...
VAdm Radetzky:     Human 3> :snarls at Moon, CHARGES!:
joymudd:     ::   Looking for sivaoans ::    Checking.
Mara Ryell:     ::shoots a grateful smile at the TR Chief::
Rikka Kilgarran:     Oh... our People aren't real telepaths, we can only 
communicate with each other that way mostly, not with just anybody.
Isa Revived:     S'Nac > ::looks up, raises eyebrow:: Sir?
MoonshadowsToNEN:     ::Jumps in surprise, throws a hard cufrf at Human's # 3 
Mara Ryell:     ::reaches to grab Human 3::
VAdm Radetzky:     Alex> :points at tac screen:   Iz that missile??
joymudd:     (( Did Mara beam up to the ship? ))
Mara Ryell:     ((I thought we all did ... ))
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     (( I didn't... ))
VAdm Radetzky:     (Only if Mara was armed....)
joymudd:     (( I requested beam up of armed people ))
Isa Revived:     S'Nac > Yes Sir ... odd as they are not supposed to be 
armed. South continent, point of origin.
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     ::goes looking for the missing Sivaoans in the other 
shelters and tents of the village::
Mara Ryell:     ((::magic deletes everything from the past ten minutes!:)
joymudd:     :: Scans the woods around the camp for felines...   or feline 
bodies ::
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     ::peeks into a tent::   Oh no...  
VAdm Radetzky:     Human 3> :falls from the cuff - falls hard ...   none of 
the 'intruders' are putting up a fight worth talking about, though they get 
credit for trying:
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     Joy!   Mara!
Mara Ryell:     Find something?
joymudd:     :: Goes to Sarah ::
VAdm Radetzky:     Alex> :to S'nac:   Ken it hurt us?
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     ::turns to her companions::   They're alive.   But... 
drugged, I think...
MoonshadowsToNEN:     To Sec Tema>What goes on here?  
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     ::goes into the tent full of unconscious felinoids::
joymudd:     :: Moves to take Benjamin ::
Mara Ryell:     ::kneels down next to one of them, feeling for a pulse::
Isa Revived:     S'Nac > Not likely ... it is being tracked and it can be 
destroyed if necessary.
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     ::lets Joy take Benjamin, who is very placid about 
letting people hold him::
MoonshadowsToNEN:     Ensign Muldoon &qt> SOrry Ms Moonshadows, we were only 
told to come and secure the people beamed up....
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     The pulse should be at the base of the tail.
VAdm Radetzky:     Sec Team Ldr> :to Moon:   All I know is we received an 
alert about an emergency beamup of armed attackers.
VAdm Radetzky:     Sec Team Ldr>   Like Muldoon says.   Scullery!   Help me g
et these people to the brig!   :walks away:
joymudd:     +Lovisa+   We have found many unconscious locals.   Sarah is 
tending them.
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     ::checking the unconscious Sivaoans with her medical 
Isa Revived:     S'Nac +Joy+ Acknowledged Counselor.
MoonshadowsToNEN:     To TR chief> beam these people directly to the brig, 
they are too violent to parade through the ship
Mara Ryell:     ::nods to Sarah::   We probably need to get them back to the 
ship.   What are their conditions?
VAdm Radetzky:     Alex>   Da.   Hev shields readee jus' in kase it theenks 
of sometheen neet to do
Isa Revived:     S'Nac > Aye Sir.
joymudd:     :: Tries applying the very low frequency gentle oscilating 
movements that sometimes make very young humanoids happy. ::
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     ::comes to a pair of small children, barely breathing:: 
  Oh...   ::drops to her knees by the little ones::   There's too much drug 
for their little systems...
VAdm Radetzky:     Hmm.   Alex>+Sanjay+   How goez moonbays?   Fynd anytheen 
VAdm Radetzky:     (Just receeved random IM from person I do not know.   
Anyvon vant?   No?)
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     Benjamin> ::perfectly happy to be held by Joy::
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     (( Recruit them! ))
joymudd:     (No want)
MoonshadowsToNEN:     ((I takle admiral))
Mara Ryell:     ::sticks head out of tent to make sure no one else has snuck 
Isa Revived:     +Alex+ We have some very strange readings ... and we're each 
experiencing head pains.
VAdm Radetzky:     Alex>+Sanjay+   Hm.   Tayk aspirin?
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     ::turns to Mara::   I can't move these little babies, 
transporting them would kill them.   ::holds out the tricorder to her::   Here, 
monitor me as best you can...
VAdm Radetzky:     (Don't think we wanna recruit this one unless Lovisa's a 
much more adult sim than I thought :X)
Mara Ryell:     ::takes the tricorder, frowning:: Doctor, we can get staff 
down here with a kit.
Isa Revived:     +Alex+ Perhaps. Or perhaps it's our being on this moon 
that's affecting us? Anyhow this base is totally destroyed.
MoonshadowsToNEN:     ((Oh send them to me!@!!))
Mara Ryell:     ::starts scanning Sarah::
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     ::takes a deep breath and calls on that Power that 
makes the Universe go round::   I can Heal them.
joymudd:     Well, you are a fine young diplomat.   Is this your first 
botched diplomatic contact, Benji? 
MoonshadowsToNEN:     ::Caprure humans shimmer out to reapear in cells::
Mara Ryell:     ::starts to curse, then stops when she realizes Benjamin's 
two feet away::
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     ::carefully picks up both infant Sivaoans and cuddles 
them in her arms, letting Healing energy just flow through her::
Mara Ryell:     ::carefully monitors Sarah::
joymudd:     :: Glad the ploy to covertly contact the ship worked, and the 
ploy to trick them into shooting the expendable android and give away their 
presence by the weapons discharge was not needed ::
Rikka Kilgarran:     ::curls up, putting her arms over her head::   I can't 
shut it out and I can't Channel it...   ::whimpers::
OnlineHost:     âVAdm Radetzkyâ has left the room.
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     Benjamin> ::babbles and laughs::
OnlineHost:     âVAdm Radetzkyâ has entered the room.
Mara Ryell:     ::shifts unhappily, hearing Benjamin::
MoonshadowsToNEN:     To Sec team> Secure these weapons and get a team down 
to Commander Mollin;s team immediaely
VAdm Radetzky:     ACTION:   At that moment a giant yellow AOL man/figure 
appears from the moonbase.   The evil emanating from him is overpowering.   
7+ on the dice or flee in terror.
joymudd:     :: Brings Benji near the door, but not sure if she should take 
him outside, or keep him near his mother. ::
VAdm Radetzky:     (:grumbles
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     ::feels when the Healing has worked and the babies are 
sleeping normally, their breathing much better... sets them down gently and 
lets the energy flow out from her, taking a deep breath::
Mara Ryell:     ::moves to Sarah, supporting her gently::
OnlineHost:     Rikka Kilgarran rolled 2 6-sided dice:   2 1
OnlineHost:     joymudd rolled 2 6-sided dice:   1 5
OnlineHost:     Isa Revived rolled 2 6-sided dice:   3 4
VAdm Radetzky:     Alex> :to Sanjay:   Iz sayf to approach?
joymudd:     (( Do I drop Benji? ))
Mara Ryell:     (( ... what?))
MoonshadowsToNEN:     Roll//
Isa Revived:     +Alex+ I doubt it Sir ... the readings are off the screen 
and the pain is overbearing here.
VAdm Radetzky:     (AOL dumped me.   Next sim I run, AOL's going to be my 
recurring enemy.)
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     ::doesn't even try to use her legs to get to her feet, 
just lifts and puts her feet down, clasping her hands across her belly::   
This baby is NOT coming early.   ::firmly::
VAdm Radetzky:     Alex> :frowns at Sanjay:   ......da.....   Fyn.   Return 
to sheep.   Ve theenk of sometheen to do bout eet.
MoonshadowsToNEN:     ::Half the security team beams down, armed for 
Isa Revived:     +Alex+ Acknowledged Sir. ::powers up shuttle, gets it up off 
moon's surface and towards ship::
Rikka Kilgarran:     ::tries shielding, for what good it will do.. and 
surprisingly it helps::
MoonshadowsToNEN:     +Radetzky+ Moonshadows to Admiral Radetzky... possible 
problems on surface, teram dispatched to Commander Mollin
Rikka Kilgarran:     ::scoots closer to Sanjay and extends her shield as best 
she can, at least around his head and shoulders::
Isa Revived:     Hmm ... ::looks at Rikka:: ... you feeling better?
Mara Ryell:     ::nods stiffly at Sarah::
Rikka Kilgarran:     ::nods::   Uh-huh.   Shielding helps.   I don't know why 
VAdm Radetzky:     +Moon+   Vat probl......Stand by.   :to S'nac:   Get me 
Doktor Molyn.
Isa Revived:     ::concentrates on getting shuttle safely back::
Isa Revived:     I *think* it has something to do with how close we are to 
that moon ... closer we are the more the pain ...
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     ::realizes what she just did and that it probably 
qualifies as showing off::   I'm sorry... I'm so... huge these days, it's hard 
move sometimes.
MoonshadowsToNEN:     Ens Muldoon & team> ::SHimmer into village looking for 
Mara Ryell:     Nothing to be sorry for.   Just don't overexert yourself.
MoonshadowsToNEN:     +Adm+ We just beamed up a party of hostile humans sir
Isa Revived:     ... at least I *hope* that's it or I'll be a basket case for 
sickbay ...
VAdm Radetzky:     Trouble> :Welcome-Homes greet Muldoon as a long lost 
joymudd:     Not a problem, Sarah.   Whatever is easier is good.
MoonshadowsToNEN:     +Adm+ They are in the brig sir
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     Thank you for backing me... the babies should be fine 
now, and if our readings are correct, everyone else should be able to sleep off 
the drug within 12 hours or so.
joymudd:     Company.    :: Moves out of sight with Benji ::
VAdm Radetzky:     +Moon+   Da, iz good.   Mebee they reengleederz.
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     ::hears the welcome-homes::   Joy, check your 
readings... it might be help rather than trouble.
Mara Ryell:     I'll check it out.   ::moves to the side right next to the 
entrance, peering just a bit::
Isa Revived:     +Lovisa+ Shuttle requesting permission to land.
VAdm Radetzky:     Alex>+AT+   Loveesa to teem.   Vat is this em heering 
about hostile humanz?
VAdm Radetzky:     :nods to S'nac when he hears the shuttle:
joymudd:     :: Kneels on floor to handle Benji and Tricorder at the same 
time ::
Isa Revived:     S'Nac +Sanjay+ You are cleared to land in Shuttlebay 1. 
::opens Shuttlebay 1 doors::
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     ::gently takes Benjamin back from Joy, lifting him into 
her arms::
Mara Ryell:     +Alex+ (q) They just appeared.   They haven't seen us yet.
joymudd:     They seem to be wearing federation comm badges.
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     Benjamin> ::giggles::
MoonshadowsToNEN:     MUldoon& Qt> +Adm+ SHore team to Admiral... the village 
was attacked sior, looking for our party
joymudd:     :: Returns Benjamin ::
Isa Revived:     ::lands shuttle in bay and powers it down::
MoonshadowsToNEN:     ((Hate to be a pooper, but have to go soon))
Rikka Kilgarran:     ::releases her shield::   Oh, that's better.
Isa Revived:     S'Nac > ::closes Shuttlebay doors and pressurizes area::
Cdr Sarah Mollin:     (( We shall pause momentarily. ))
joymudd:     :: Stands in the clear, once she sees the AT is in uniform. ::
Isa Revived:     Well Rikka we're back. ...
VAdm Radetzky:     ACTION:   As the shuttle lands, and Joy identifies the 
'intruders'....the rogue missile gets bored and detonates 1,000 km off of the 
ship's bow.   Detonates in a plasma 

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