[USSHorizon] USS Horizon Sim chatlog 0710.28

  • From: IsaRevived@xxxxxxx
  • To: usshorizon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 01:29:16 EDT

Just Connie, Ame, Patty and I ... and we simmed for  almost 3 hours. (Connie 
had to leave early but Ame, Patty and I carried on to  the end)
    We have only one thing to say to the rest of  you who missed it ...
Lt Cdr Fields: ready
Lt Cdr Fields: 3
Lt Cdr Fields: 2
AnikaLTroy:  Set
Lt Cdr Fields: 1
AnikaLTroy: GO!
Lt Cdr Fields: ::Begin  sim:::::::
Ame Suisei: (( :: chuckles:: ))
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie >  ::in Sickbay::
AnikaLTroy: ::Anika in sickbay, her subconscious mind active,  begins 
projecting herself all over the ship via the  computers::
AnikaLTroy: :: trying to get someone's attention so that she can  tell them 
what happened::
Lt Cdr Fields: :::sitting on the bridge when  the viewscreen 
suddenly shows Anika instead of space :::
Siorus Isa: Dr  Enpicie > ::feels *something,* goes over to Anika's biobed::
AnikaLTroy:  ::She senses a presence in sickbay and with her enhance 
telepathic abilities  also still active, she begins moving objects around 
the room, starting with  a tricorder::
AnikaLTroy: ((please tell me someone is logging this)))
Ame  Suisei: ::blinks looking at the image of the girl superimposed over 
the  display:: okay.. this is odd.. 
Siorus Isa: (( natch ))
Ame Suisei: (lol i  hope so.. ;-) )
Lt Cdr Fields: xo>Engineering  we seem to have a  computer 
problem, can you check it out?
Ame Suisei: ::reaches out to  touch the image:: +xo+ Why dont you 
describe it to me?
Siorus Isa: Dr  Enpicie > ::leans over, looks up at biobed monitors and vital 
::q:: Incredible ...
Lt Cdr Fields: xo> CE   a picture of a  woman, I think she's a 
newer crewmember, I don't really remember  
AnikaLTroy: ::she feels that they are realizing that it is her and continues  
trying to connect with someone, anyone, to get a message to them::
Ame  Suisei: +xo+ Yes.. Im seeing it here too.. It almost looks like she's  
speaking but i never was any good at reading lips.. 
AnikaLTroy: ::Anika  continues frantically, she "touches" the mind of the 
Lt Cdr  Fields: ::types in the computer pulling up crew files::
AnikaLTroy: :::Please  hear me, please hear me::
Lt Cdr Fields: xo>CE try fixing it while I try  to find out who 
this is
AnikaLTroy: ::Anika then reaches out to the mind  of the XO, hoping that 
she will realize that it is her and not a computer  glitch::
Ame Suisei: gah! ::rubs the sides of his head:: okay i hear you stop  
shouting... +xo+ im planning on it.. the sooner i figure this out the  
sooner they stop giving me a headache!
Ame Suisei: (sorry slow typer heh  )
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > :::pulls up files and tries to make sense of  what 
is going 
Lt Cdr Fields: ::the file of Anika comes on  screen:::
AnikaLTroy: "Commander, its me, Ensign Troy, please hear me, I  
need help, something bad"
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > ::thinks ... Still  comatose but ... is it possible 
to ... ??::
Lt Cdr Fields: XO>  Sickbay   you have a patient there named 
Anika Troy?
Siorus  Isa: Dr Enpicie > +XO+ Yes Commander, she's right here. 
Lt Cdr Fields:  ::feels she hears her::
AnikaLTroy: :::Anika senses that they finally realize  its her and is 
happy, she continues to contact the Commander:: " Yes I'm  here, 
hear me, please!!!!"
Ame Suisei: ::sighs as the pressure in his  head eases a bit as anika 
stops shouting at him:: that's better.. okay time  to bring up the crew 
Lt Cdr Fields: XO> Sickbay    what is her condition Dr? We are 
seeing her face all over the ship. I feel  she's trying to get 
our attention
AnikaLTroy: ((I'm logging this btw,  crew, cap and admiral r gonna be 
happy w/this)))
Lt Cdr Fields: (yes they  will be))
AnikaLTroy: "Commander, something bad, pain, I felt it, it hurt, it  hurt 
me, I'm here, don't know why, help me, please!"
Siorus Isa: Dr  Enpicie > +XO+ She's still comatose but ... things are moving 
around down  here. She's gotten my attention too.
Ame Suisei: ::is flashing through the  images of the humanoid 
crewmembers, waiting for one to match the image that  is 
super-imposed over his vision::
AnikaLTroy: ::Anika, sensing what the  engineer is doing, rapidly brings 
up her own crew file::
Lt Cdr Fields:  xo>Dr Enpicie she needs help, can you bring her 
out of this comatose  state she's in?
Ame Suisei: ahah! ::starts reading the file, including the  recent notation 
that she's in sickbay:: i see.. We'll i'm going to need to  go there 
anyway because of this headache..
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie >  ::opens medical tricorder, scans Anika:: +XO+ The 
readings I'm getting are  almost off the scale. I'll try.
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > ::prepares hypo,  injects her with adrenaline & 
nitroglycerine to lower  b/p::
AnikaLTroy: :::Fighting against the darkness, she continues to try and  
help them figure out a way to bring her back from wherever she is::
Ame  Suisei: ::turns and staggers out of engineering to the nearest 
turbolift::  +Xo+ Okay i've figured out who's causing this.. Unless she's 
been shouting  into somone else's head and telling people that way..
Lt Cdr Fields:  xo>Cmder Isa  as science officer, is there 
anything you can find  that may help figure this out?
AnikaLTroy: ::hears the engineer's thoughts  and smiles::
AnikaLTroy: ::Anika is smiling, no explanation as to why, not  awake yet::
Ame Suisei: ::is now thinkign of rebuilding his psi-jammer  again:: i need 
a friggin asprin.. or better yet caffine or something to kill  thi headache..
Lt Cdr Fields: xo> ce  yes I've been hearing her in my  head 
now too so she has our attention
Siorus Isa: (( ::wonders where he  got the sudden promotion from Lieutenant 
Siorus Isa: I'll go  through the library computer and see what I can find, 
Lt Cdr  Fields: ((::raspberries:: I can't keep my ships straight 
sorry,,,, change  that to Lt Isa))
Ame Suisei: +xo+ oh yeah.. the migraine she gave me has my  utmost 
AnikaLTroy: ((OOC:  You know for a fact that Marc  is gonna crack up 
when he reads this log))
Ame Suisei: (lol yeap )
Lt  Cdr Fields: (yep)
AnikaLTroy: ::realizing what pain she caused the engineer,  she 
disconnects from his mind so that he doesn't hurt anymore::
Ame  Suisei: ::sighs as the pain lessons somewhat:: that's better.. heh.. 
now my  visions no longer trying to grey out..
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie >  ::continues to monitor Anika's condition::
Lt Cdr Fields: xo> ce   maybe you should go to sickbay to get 
something for that  headache
AnikaLTroy: ((a little slow there, sis))
Ame Suisei: +xo+ on my  way right now..
Ame Suisei: ::staggers out of the lift and makes his way down  the hall to 
sickbay and through the door:: 
Ame Suisei:  hello?
AnikaLTroy: :::starts making the lights blink on the monitors in  sickbay, 
using old morse code, frantically hope the doc gets the  message::
Siorus Isa: Nurse > ::sees Ame:: Yes can I help  you?
AnikaLTroy: ::Senses the engineer in sickbay and rapidly continues with  
the morse code blinking of all the lights in sickbay::
Siorus Isa: Dr  Enpicie > ::looks at monitor, notices flickering::
AnikaLTroy: "someone  please see, please see, get the message"
Lt Cdr Fields: xo>redshirt bridge  officer   you have the bridge, 
I'll be in sickbay
Ame Suisei:  You need to wake Ensign Troy.. Also.. ::trails off wtching the 
code:: okay  havent seen CW in a while.. ::staggers over towards 
Anika's bed::
Siorus  Isa: Nurse > ::catching Ame:: Careful. ::guides him to a  biobed::
AnikaLTroy: "YES! she yells silently, not realizing that someone  might 
still be able to "hear" her::
Lt Cdr Fields: ::leaves the bridge  and enters lift, sinking 
against the back of it pressing her hand to her  head, 
*hang on Anika, I'm coming* hoping Anika can sense her  
Ame Suisei: ::rubs his temples:: okay then.. :: continues  heading towards 
the comatose ensign while allowing the nurse to attempt to  guide:: 
Okay.. slow down.. I cant read it that fast!
Lt Cdr Fields: ::tl  stops and Cmdr Fields get out and runs to 
AnikaLTroy: ::Anika  senses something coming from somewhere else, 
in doing so accidentally blows  one of the monitors out::
Lt Cdr Fields: ::enters sickbay:: Dr. report on  Ensign Troy's 
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > Still comatose,  Commander.
Lt Cdr Fields: ::nods to Ame:: what's going on when the  
monitor blows dodging sparks
Ame Suisei: ::sighs:: great.. she's not  slowing it down.. she's blowing 
things up! ::pulls out his tricorder and  sets it to record:: its bound to 
loop sooner or later.. then i can slow it  and read it..
Lt Cdr Fields: ::asks a nurse for a headache cure::
Siorus  Isa: Nurse > ::dispenses some aspirin::
Ame Suisei: She's taken over the  panels some how.. That's old Morse 
code and i can barely read it at the  speed she's going.. And i still got 
a blasted migrane! ::is slightly  frustrated for no good reason::
AnikaLTroy: ::manages to link to engineer and  take the headache 
Lt Cdr Fields: are any telepaths on the ship  reporting anything 
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > None that I know of  Commander.
Lt Cdr Fields: ::gets a glass of water and takes the water and  
aspirin to Ame and holds them out to him::
AnikaLTroy: ::softly speaking  to the engineer and slowly, please....... 
help........ me"::
Siorus Isa:  Dr Enpicie > ::turns to Nurse:: She's coming out of it ... did 
you hear  
Ame Suisei: ::blinks as the pain fades out and vanishes:: Now why  didn't 
you do that before? ::is looking at anika:: Yes we're going to help  you.. 
Siorus Isa: Nurse > ::nods::
Ame Suisei: Once we  figure out HOW.. now calm down and if you blow 
out another console so help  me im going to make YOU fix it once your 
awake.. Understood?
AnikaLTroy:  ::blinking lights still going, she manages to slow them 
down to try and get  the message out::
Lt Cdr Fields: ::touches Anika's face and wipes her hair  
back::Anika, what can I do? You called me and I came
Lt Cdr Fields: We  all came Anika
AnikaLTroy: ::still linked to engineer:: "please.....  help..."
Ame Suisei: ::sits down on the biobed nearby:: Okay so you can hear  us.. 
Just to make sure.. Blink SOS on the panel..
AnikaLTroy: ::she  does::
AnikaLTroy: ::continues blinking SOS on the panel::
Lt Cdr Fields:  isn't that old morse code?
Ame Suisei: ::is thinking 'I'm an engineer not a  surgeon you know..' :: 
Okay you can hear us.. And yes That's specifically  the letters S and O.. 
its the old signal for distress..
AnikaLTroy:  ::Anika feels someone's hand on her head and her eyes 
move but dont  open::
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > ::scans her with medical tricorder::
Lt  Cdr Fields: Dr, her eyes are moving
AnikaLTroy: :::she slowly starts to stir,  still fighting to come back from 
wherever she is::
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie  > ::nods:: Yes ... she's coming out of it I think.
AnikaLTroy: ::Suisei,  help, danger::
Ame Suisei: Okay now keep it to 5 by 5 code blocks and tell us  what you 
can about whats wrong.. I've got a tricorder recording so if i miss  
anything it can catch it for me.. What do you mean danger?
Siorus Isa: Dr  Enpicie > Danger? As in we're in danger?
AnikaLTroy:  "Its....easier....to......talk.....to.....you, tell them 
.......DANGER"  ::she yells without meaning to::
Siorus Isa: (( brb afk pills ))
Lt Cdr  Fields: ::Steps out of the way so the medical staff and 
walks to the  replicator and gets a glass of water::
Ame Suisei: ::winces:: alright  alright.. okay she just said its easier to 
scream in my head than the code..  and wants me to tell you danger.. 
Now she better start elaborating or else  that by itself makes no 
Lt Cdr Fields: ::sips it and watches  ::
AnikaLTroy: "I hear you, I dont know what the danger is or was, I just  felt 
it and it hurt"
Siorus Isa: (( ok back ))
Ame Suisei: okay so you  just felt danger and it hurt.. no specifics?
Ame Suisei: is it current or  past?
AnikaLTroy: "recent, destructive, bright light, all I can  remember"
Ame Suisei: okay recent, destructive and a bright light...  hrm..
Ame Suisei: Anything else?
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > Destructive  and a bright light ... like an 
AnikaLTroy: "I not in coma, mind  not in body, thoughts confused, 
destructive pain caused me to go into  another plane of existence 
because of pain"
AnikaLTroy: ::hears doctor,  can't answer him:: "Suisei, yes, explosion, 
big one, danger"
Ame Suisei:  So your not IN your body? I always thought when i got hurt i 
was going to go  out of my head.. Looks like you did eh? heh.. okay 
calm down.. once your  calm that should help with the confusion.. 
Ame Suisei: And yes she said it  was a large explosion..
Lt Cdr Fields: Could she have felt the descruction of  facility 
AnikaLTroy: "please find me"
Lt Cdr Fields: Isn't that  when she was found unconscious?
AnikaLTroy: ::she rapidly begins with the  morse code again:::
AnikaLTroy: "YES YES YES"
Ame Suisei: Alright..  Describe then the sensation and whatnot you're 
experienceing.. It's  possible.. Hey no worries We'll find out whats 
going on and get you back to  normal. I promise
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > Yes that's the very area we  were assigned to ... 
her going unconscious then wasn't a  coincidence.
Ame Suisei: hey no shouting i said
Ame Suisei: and that's an  emphatic yes it seems
AnikaLTroy: "whispers sorry"
Lt Cdr Fields: ok so  now what do we do about it? 
AnikaLTroy: ::she starts making lights go around  and around in the 
Ame Suisei: Your forgiven just please no melting  my brain.. alright? now 
like i said describe what your experiencing.. And  just how are you 
effecting the electrical systems? The file said mild  telekinetics..
AnikaLTroy: "no genetically enhanced, please, follow  lights"
AnikaLTroy: :::causes lights to flash in a straight line going to the  door::
Ame Suisei: follow lights? where to? wait.. a moment.. ::starts  putting 
things together:: No way?!
Ame Suisei: ::stands up:: alright leay  on Macduff...
AnikaLTroy: ::lights stuck at door, needs physical body to open  them::
Ame Suisei: ::walks over to the door:: Though i have to say i hope i'm  
wrong here..
AnikaLTroy: ::lights flashing faster and brighter at  door:::
Ame Suisei: A tad anxious eh? I dont bet.. ::opens the door and looks  
over his shoulder:: so who's coming with? I think i know whats going  
AnikaLTroy: :::lights go into the corridor::
AnikaLTroy: ::lights  flow down the corridor::
Ame Suisei: ::follows the lights trying to keep  up::
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > ::nods:: Let's go, it's the only way to find  out 
... ::heads 
on to where Ame is::
AnikaLTroy: "Suisei, follow lights,  I make them slower so u can keep 
Lt Cdr Fields: I'll come ::drops the  glass at the replicator and 
Ame Suisei: I'm following i'm  following.. clam down.. I'm not going to 
suddenly decide to go the other way  you know..
Siorus Isa: Nurse > ::stays with Anika and monitors  vitals::
AnikaLTroy: ::sensing the lights are getting the message across, she  
slows them and continues on::
Ame Suisei: So are we heading where i think  we're heading since your 
already taking up residence in my head?
Siorus  Isa: Dr Enpicie > Where would that be?
Ame Suisei: Computer  Core...
AnikaLTroy: "dont know where I'm at, just I can "sense" but that's  it"
AnikaLTroy: "That's why I need help"
Ame Suisei: I'm coming.. So why  dont you distract yourself while i make 
my way there by telling me about  yourself? I mean its one thing to read 
your file its another thing to talk  to a person.. if you can call this 
AnikaLTroy: ::slows  lights down more sensing people are getting 
AnikaLTroy: "I don't  really remember much, just remember explosion 
and ship, that's it right  now"
Lt Cdr Fields: ::following still confused on why they would be 
going  to the computer core::
AnikaLTroy: "I sense that my abilities are more than  what is in my file, 
that's all"
Ame Suisei: ::is moving at a brisk pace::  so you dont remember 
anything? owch..
AnikaLTroy: "Ouch?"
Siorus Isa:  Dr Enpicie > ::following and hoping they get there soon::
AnikaLTroy:  :::speeds up lights a little::
Ame Suisei: Well they say our memories are the  basis for who we are.. I 
wouldn't like to be without mine.. even when they  insist on haunting 
AnikaLTroy: "Suisei, are u a telepath too, is  that why u can hear me?"
Ame Suisei: ::is moving from a fast walk to a light  jog:: we're almost 
there.. me? nope.. Just more open than most.. that's why  most contact 
AnikaLTroy: "Do u work with the equipment on the  ship?"
AnikaLTroy: "I felt ur bioeletrical energy all around me"
Ame  Suisei: I would hope so.. I'm the chief engineer.. 
AnikaLTroy:  "Engineer?"
AnikaLTroy: "explain, still confused and dazed"
Ame Suisei: I  maintain and repair the ship.. Yeap we definatly got to 
figure out how to  get you out of there... Well since yoru already in my 
head why don't you  just see what i'm thinking about and ask about 
anything that doesn't make  sense?
Ame Suisei: ::starts thinking about his various duties and such that  are a 
part of being an engineer::
AnikaLTroy: "not strong enough, barely  able to do what I'm doing now"
AnikaLTroy: "getting weaker, hurry"
Ame  Suisei: ahh.. Okay well You understand that somehow your 
inhabiting the  computer systems? right? i'm almost there.. ::turns the 
corner and thumbs  open a door:: okay we're here..
AnikaLTroy: "I dont know, I just sense  it"
AnikaLTroy: ::weaker::
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie >  ::following::
AnikaLTroy: ::weakly says in a whisper "hurry"::
Ame Suisei:  Ahh.. Well my guess is your conciousness when it ejected 
from your body to  deal with the pain, latched onto the ship's bio-neural 
processor packs..  since they hardly feel pain..
Siorus Isa: +Sickbay+ Bridge to Sickbay, how is  the situation down there?
Ame Suisei: im here.. ::is pulling off a panel to  access the main hub for 
the gel packs::
AnikaLTroy: ::light whisper  "getting..weak..er"
Ame Suisei: okay normally we run on just a few.. So i'm  going to bring up 
more so you have more room and dont stress the  packs..
Siorus Isa: Nurse +Isa+ Sickbay here. We're monitoring the situation  on 
Troy. The XO, Dr Enpicie and the Chief Engineer have left  here.
Siorus Isa: +Sickbay+ All right. Let me know if anything new  develops.
Ame Suisei: ::looks at the status panels:: yeah.. you being in  there has 
actually overclocked the packs.. your over heating  them...
Siorus Isa: Nurse +Isa+ Understood. Sickbay out.
Ame Suisei:  ::turns to the doctor:: i need you to get some cold packs to 
help lower the  active pack's temperature while i reach in and bring the 
others  online..
Ame Suisei: ::takes a deep breath and reaches into the panel:: this  is 
going to be warm.. 
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > ::nods:: All right.  ::heads to get some::
Ame Suisei: :feels a slight zap:: okay wasent expecting  static electricty.. 
good thing the packs are resistant..
Lt Cdr Fields:  you ok Suisei?
Ame Suisei: Ensign Troy? can you hear me still? I'm about to  bring on 
more gel packs so that you wont be burning out the ones your  in..
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > ::begins getting cold packs::
Ame Suisei:  ::nods:: so far so good.. Though remind me to look into a 
cooling system for  these later.. ::is feeling for the switch which is out of 
sight in the back  of the panel:: come on...
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > ::begins installing  cold packs::
Ame Suisei: okay got it! :brings the packs  online::
AnikaLTroy: ::causes a surge::
Ame Suisei: AHHH!!!! ::hair stands  on end and starts to smoke slighly 
due to electrocution::
Siorus Isa: Dr  Enpicie > :::is zapped some, recoils:::
Ame Suisei: :: is still  screaming::
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > ::gets to circuit breaker and flips  it::
Ame Suisei: ::slumps down still smoking.. grits out:: in my head..  
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > That wasn't something we  were prepared for ... are 
all right?
Ame Suisei: ::passes  out::
Ame Suisei: ( ;-p )
Lt Cdr Fields: ::breaks the curcuit::
Siorus  Isa: Dr Enpicie > ::sighs:: Well that answers that.
AnikaLTroy: ::takes  control of Suisei's body, but can not speak, makes 
hand motions for  something to write with:::
Ame Suisei: ::is still out cold but moving::  (hehe)
Lt Cdr Fields: ::hands him a pencil and paper from her  
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > ::watches::
AnikaLTroy: ::writes  "need to get to Anika body"
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > ::reads, looks at  Fields:: "Need to get to Anika 
body" .. ? 
I guess we have to get him back to  Sickbay.
Lt Cdr Fields: ::reads, picks up Suisei and puts him over her  
shoulder:: ok lets get there, he's heavy, lead the way Dr
AnikaLTroy:  :::Causes Suisei to stand up::
Siorus Isa: Dr Suisei > This way ...  ::leads way to Sickbay::
AnikaLTroy: ::Starts walking to sickbay, swishing  tush::
Ame Suisei: ( hahahahaha this is pure comedy.. )
AnikaLTroy:  ::writes on padd, schedule Suisei for a session with a ninja  
Siorus Isa: (( Marc's gonna love this ... ))
Lt Cdr Fields:  ::felt his body stand and had dropped his feet 
to the floor and follows  closely ready to catch him if he 
AnikaLTroy: ::makes way to  sickbay::
AnikaLTroy: ::swishing like a girl::
Lt Cdr Fields: ::afk need a  drink and potty break::
Ame Suisei: (that's what i was just thinking..  )
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > +Sickbay+ Sickbay this is Dr Enpicie, we're on  our 
back, expect us soon.
AnikaLTroy: ((Ok, TMFI))
Siorus Isa:  Nurse +Enpicie+ Yes Doctor, understood.
Ame Suisei: (no that marc's going to  be cracking up over this goofy :-P )
AnikaLTroy: ::legs get  wobbly::
AnikaLTroy: ((got that right, but hey, at least we're bringing his  ops 
officer back and we're having fun doing it))
Ame Suisei:  (yeap)
Siorus Isa: Nurse +Bridge+ Bridge this is Sickbay ... apparently the  XO, 
Engineer and Dr Enpicie are on their way back from wherever they  left. 
Situation here with Ensign Troy is unchanged.
AnikaLTroy: ::begins  to lose balance just as they reach sickbay::
Siorus Isa: +Nurse+ Thanks for  the report. Keep me posted. Bridge out.
AnikaLTroy: ::slowly begins to drop  to the floor:::
Ame Suisei: ::is still completely out, though starts  coughing::
AnikaLTroy: ::about to hit the floor:::
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie  > ::reaches for Ame:: All right let's take it easy 
... ::lends a  
Siorus Isa: Nurse > +Bridge+ Lieutenant they're here  ...
Lt Cdr Fields: (back)
Siorus Isa: +Nurse+ Acknowledged.
Lt Cdr  Fields: ::takes Suisei's arm::
Ame Suisei: ::takes a deep breath and shakes  his head reifly:: where?
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > We're back in Sickbay  ... this way.
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > ::leads way to biobed next to  Anika::
Ame Suisei: ::shakes his head slightly:: heads fuzzy.. can hardly  think.. 
Siorus Isa: Nurse > This way Mr Suisei ...  
AnikaLTroy: "Suisei, I hear you better, but I'm not where I was  before"
Ame Suisei: I'm coming.. what did i tell you about shouting? ::grips  his 
head and moans softly:: Your almost back where you  belong..
AnikaLTroy: "am i"?
AnikaLTroy: ::really confused  now::
AnikaLTroy: "soft"
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > All right ... just  get up on this biobed here ... 
::helps him 
Ame Suisei: ::stumbles  and nearly falls beside the biobed::
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > OK let's try  that again ...
Siorus Isa: Nurse > ::assists::
Ame Suisei: ::is  assisted:: got to get to the body..
Ame Suisei: ::struggles slightly trying  to reach anika's biobed
AnikaLTroy: ::Anika's eyes start moving really fast,  almost like in a 
dream state::
Lt Cdr Fields: ::Stays out of the way  watching::
Ame Suisei: ::manages to just reach and touch anika::
Siorus  Isa: Dr Enpicie > ::also watching::
AnikaLTroy: ::Anika's body suddenly  arches as if shocked with high 
Ame Suisei: ::pulls hand back  quickly like it was burned:: not working.. 
go.. not enough room..
Siorus  Isa: Dr Enpicie > ::goes to Anika's side, scans her::
AnikaLTroy:  ::without warning, arm comes straight up::
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie >  ::recoils from being hit:: OW ...
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > ::rubbing  head:: She's there, I just don't know how 
bring her out of it ... 
Ame  Suisei: ::crumples to the floor holding his head:: too loud.. too much  
noise.. make it stop...
Lt Cdr Fields: ( 5 minutes more then I have to  call the sim, its 
been 2 hours and I need to go to bed)
AnikaLTroy:  "Suisei, thank you"
AnikaLTroy: ((okay, sorry lost track of time, was having  too much fun))
Siorus Isa: Nurse > ::reaches down and helps Ame back  up::
Ame Suisei: (awww you sure we cant keep going? )
AnikaLTroy: ((isnt  the engineer the next in line for command if XO isn't 
Lt Cdr  Fields: (you can if you want to go on without me, I'm 
sorry but I have a  migraine)
Ame Suisei: :recoils from the nurse's touch:: too loud.. stop  
shouting...::::looks to be in considerable pain as his eyes start  
bleeding:: help me...
Siorus Isa: (( well we *could* try to break Deep  Space Gamma One's record of 
9 1/2 hours if you guys want to stay up until  after 7:30 in the morning ;-) 
AnikaLTroy: ((sorry about that, hope you  feel better, b/f says he hopes 
you feel better too))
Lt Cdr Fields: Dr.,  keep me informed, I need to get back to 
the bridge
Ame Suisei: ( hope you  feel better.. um i dont need to work tomarrow.. )
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie >  Aye Commander, will do.
AnikaLTroy: "Suisei, whats wrong?"
Lt Cdr Fields:  (ok keep going as long as you want. I look 
forward to reading  it)
AnikaLTroy: ((cool will do))
AnikaLTroy: ((ty))
Lt Cdr Fields:  ::leaves sickbay and heads back to the bridge::
Ame Suisei: ::whispers:: too  loud too much noise.. make it stop.. ::starts 
broadcasting intense  pain::
AnikaLTroy: ::feels the pain, neutralizes it and tries to explain how  to 
control the pain::
Lt Cdr Fields: (::huggles and a wet sloppy kiss for  Pat::: 
::huggles Patty::-)  (night all)
AnikaLTroy: "What does the  pain feel like, Suisei?"
Lt Cdr Fields has left the room.
Siorus Isa: Dr  Enpicie > ::turns to Nurse:: It's going to be a long wait.
Ame Suisei: ((  ::is panning n suing for malpractice since the doctor is 
doing nothing this  whole time as Ame's bleeding from the eyes and 
such...:: ))
Ame Suisei:  ::screams at the mental contact::
Siorus Isa: Nurse > ::nods:: I'm afraid  that's all we can do now, Doctor ... 
and hope.
AnikaLTroy:  "oooh"
AnikaLTroy: :::Suddenly without warning, just sits straight up, eyes  still 
Ame Suisei: ::screams again:: too much.. ::is still  bleeding at the eyes::
AnikaLTroy: "Suisei, explain the pain"
AnikaLTroy:  ::she whispers softly as possible to him::
Ame Suisei: ::screams again::  brain... on.. fire.. cant.. think.. hurts.. 
much.. noise.. (must...  talk... like.. this.. :p )
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > ::begins using dermal  regenerator to treat Ame's 
AnikaLTroy: "noise, oh,  sorry"
AnikaLTroy: "triggered something in your mind, didn't mean to, if I'm  
correct, this is what you do"
AnikaLTroy: "concentrate on one voice or  dark object"
AnikaLTroy: "see if that helps"
Ame Suisei: ::is still  screaming as the mental contact is stimualating all 
ready overly sensative  portions of the brain::
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > ::finishes treating Ame's  eyes::
AnikaLTroy: ::talking in a whisper:: "concentrate only on me, no one  or 
nothing else"
Ame Suisei: please... stop.. hurts.. cant.. think...  stop.. hurts.. worse.. 
after.. ::starts bleeding again.. this time from the  ears::
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > ::starts using dermal regenerator on Ame's  ears::
Ame Suisei: ::starts having a seizure as his blood pressure is also  
starting to go funny::
Siorus Isa: Nurse > ::administers 100 mg  Primidone::
Ame Suisei: ::passes out again::
Siorus Isa: Nurse >  ::looks up at Dr Enpicie, sighs:: Unconscious. We have 
stabilized  though.
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > ::nods::
AnikaLTroy: ::Anika's eyes  flutter open::
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > Ensign Troy? Are you all  right?
AnikaLTroy: ::looks at the doctor, dumbfounded::
Ame Suisei:  ::moans slightly::
Siorus Isa: Nurse > ::looks down at Ame::
Ame  Suisei: ::is still smoking gently from being electrocuted earlier::
Ame  Suisei: ::mutters:: stop thinking like that.. 
Siorus Isa: Nurse > What?  Like what? ::looks at Dr Enpicie::
Ame Suisei: ::mutters:: too loud.. and no  im not free Saturday night...
Siorus Isa: Nurse > ::looks at Dr Enpicie,  shrugs::
Ame Suisei: ::sighs:: nor is the doctor free next thrusday.. sheesh  what do 
you think this is a brothel?
AnikaLTroy: ::notices that she is  sitting on a bed:::
AnikaLTroy: "Where am I?"
Siorus Isa: Nurse > A ...  ::blushes::
Ame Suisei: ( bwahahahahaha oh and i might go and get booted at a  
quarter after.. )
AnikaLTroy: ((why?))
Ame Suisei: (cause my dad who  programed the wireless router i use is a 
pain in the mitka))
Siorus Isa:  (( meh ))
Ame Suisei: Doctor.. you left the padd behind you bed.. And nurse..  get 
your mind out of the gutter please...
AnikaLTroy: ::reaches out and  touches the doctor:: "hello?"
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > Yes?
Ame Suisei:  ( I know the medical staff here is just so meh.. :-P )
AnikaLTroy: "Um, who  are you and where am I and what happened?"
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > I'm Dr  Enpicie and you're in Sickbay. You passed 
and we've been trying to get  you back to a conscious state.
AnikaLTroy: "What do you mean, I passed out  and you've been trying to 
do, What?!
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > Just  that. Shortly after you came on board you were 
found unconscious in your  quarters. You've been in Sickbay since.
Ame Suisei: :starts muttering in  japanese.. it doesn't sound like it makes 
sense though::
Ame Suisei:  empty yet full.. a pond with ice.. nurse please i thought i told 
you im not  going to go out with you...
AnikaLTroy: ((me chinese, me play joke, me go pee  pee in ur coke))
Ame Suisei: (heh )
Ame Suisei: (isa are you even there?  lol )
Siorus Isa: Nurse > ::shakes head:: I never said anything about  dating you 
Ame Suisei: yes you did i heard you.. and no i  dont like wipped cream..
Siorus Isa: (( ROFLMDAO ))
Ame Suisei: (thank you  thank you.. i'll be here all week.. )
Siorus Isa: (( talk about getting  someone's mind out of the damn gutter!! ))
Ame Suisei: just like i heard the  doctor ask where he left his padd this 
Ame Suisei: (im bored  and anika started it :-P )
AnikaLTroy: "Started what?" ::Hearing a thought,  not understanding"
AnikaLTroy: (( :p)
AnikaLTroy: :-P)
Siorus Isa:  Nurse > Doctor his telepathic abilities are much greater than 
... he can read any thoughts of people at least in close  range.
AnikaLTroy: ::Anika starts remembering bits and pieces of things,  
nothing solid, just images:::
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > At least that  seems to be the case.
Ame Suisei: ::is keeping his eyes closed:: at least the  pains gone for 
now.. my head just feels full of sand and here the nurse is  shouting 
about whipped cream and now the doctor? 
Ame Suisei: (yeah from  0 to im guessing what a 8 or a 9?)
Siorus Isa: (( close to a 9 I'd say  ))
Ame Suisei: ( at least im not a 12 or higher.... then i would prolly  become 
a labrat blasted psicorp :-P )
AnikaLTroy: :Anika remembers a  little more about what happened and 
somehow manages to temporarily shut down  the engineer's telepathic 
abilities so that they are normal:::
Ame  Suisei: ::opens his eyes slightly:: thank you for not shouting  
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > ::monitoring Anika's vitals, noting  improvement::
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie > We're getting there.
AnikaLTroy:  ::Anika looks over at the other biobed:: "Are you the 
engineer,  Suisei?"
Ame Suisei: ::looks over at anika:: yeah.. You all in there  now?
AnikaLTroy: ::smiles slightly::: "I think I'm getting  there"
AnikaLTroy: "Thank you for your help"
AnikaLTroy: :looks over at  the doctor:: "Doctor Enpicie?"
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie >  Yes?
AnikaLTroy: "I remember what happened, not all of it, but some"
Ame  Suisei: ::sighs:: that's good.. im glad it got quiet.. I'm glad the 
finally got her mind out of the gutter...
AnikaLTroy: "I was in my  quarters, felt a pain in my head like a 
destructive force went through it  and that's all I can remember"
AnikaLTroy: "Did something bad happen?"
Ame  Suisei: (okay i'll be back in a couple of minuets.. )
Siorus Isa: Dr Enpicie  > ::nods:: Yes. A facility where a warp core was 
tested exploded.  We have no idea what caused it.
AnikaLTroy: ::passed out for no reason, not  comatose, just passed out:::
AnikaLTroy: (end it here))
Siorus Isa:  ###########END SIM#############
Siorus Isa: ###########END  SIM#############
Siorus Isa: ###########END  SIM#############

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