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The  Deluge
by Nikolas  Renaldi and Senek Menkara
"The best thing one can  do when it's raining is to let it rain."--Henry 
Wadsworth  Longfellow
He wasn't going to say it, he  thought as walked back to the ready room after 
checking in with Natalia and the  boys. He just wasn't, not that it would 
matter.  "Things couldn't  possibly get worse," he muttered as he stepped 
then groaned. "Aw fuck, I  said it." With a tired heavy sigh, he sat behind 
his desk and tapped his comm  badge. "Renaldi to Menkara, I need to speak with 

Senek didn't mind busy.  Busy  did more to distract him from pain than did 
calm when he was on duty though he  supposed the bridge staff and the station 
repair crews were getting irritated  with his looming presence.  Irritation was 
illogical in that case and it  almost amused him, not that he would ever admit 
it.  He was not amused at  the other recent goings on at all, though.  Nobody 
was.  Renaldi's  summons staved off what would have likely grown into a full 
blown internal rant,  though.  "Aye, sir."  He fixed his eyes on the relief 
helm  officer.  "You have the conn, Mr. Hardy."  With that, he headed for  the 
captain's office, imagining he heard the staff saying 'thank god' as he  left.

Nikolas was at his replicator when  Senek walked in. Hale had scotch and 
bourbon on hand but Nikolas was a Russian  raised Greek,  his tastes fell more 
towards vodka and ouzo, but, unlike  Hale, he'd never drink on duty. "I was 
getting more coffee, can I offer you  anything, Commander?"

More than coffee at this time of  day?  Senek raised a brow and shook his 
head minutely.  "No, sir," he  said deadpan.  "Not unless it's tea and only 

The dark haired, tired looking young  man ordered an Vulcan evening tea and 
then placed it on the desk in front of the  guest chair before sitting behind 
his desk with his coffee. "Are you familiar  with the human phrase 'when it 
rains it pours', Commander?"

"Quite," Senek said with a nod of  thanks, "even if my father was raised in a 
desert nation.  Might one  logically assume a deluge has started?"

"It's a flood, Commander, and we're  up to our necks in it." Nikolas held 
back a sigh. Captains never sighed, you  never saw Picard or Kirk or Janeway or 
Sisko sigh. Stoic, that's what he was  going for, yet he couldn't help but feel 
like a boy playing in his father's  shoes. He'd adjust though.  He just 
needed time. He hoped. "Apparently, the  Federation Council calling for 
to confront Captain Hale and everyone  else linked to Turner and those mines 
wasn't enough pressure for us. No, the  Garrity boys and McEntire decided they 
just had to go AWOL, which, in  turn, has SFSF at our door."

"Oh really."  Senek's voice  was, even at his most logical, rather warm.  If 
it ever approached the  frigidness in those three syllables, it was an obvious 
sign that he was, to put  it mildly, not pleased at all.  "Remind me, should 
we see them any time  soon, to wring their necks for such blatant stupidity."

"The agent who contacted me seems to  think Georgetown could be where they're 
heading," Nikolas replied after taking a  gulp of his coffee. "Do you really 
think they'd come here? I know they have  personal connections, but that would 
only put those people in very tight places  where the SFSF and Star Fleet 
Command were concerned."

Senek blew out a soft, controlled  breath.  "If they thought they could rely 
on certain personnel, they  might.  I would count myself and Dr. Coyne as 
possible contacts as well as  Dr. Jameson."  He thought further, taking a sip 
tea.  "Perhaps even  Tempest if Captain Hale were to contact Captain Craig."

Nikolas pinched the bridge of his  nose. "Why?" he wondered out loud. "Why 
would they go AWOL? They had to know it  would only make things worse."

"Sir, are you familiar with the  expressions 'hero complex' or 'messiah 
complex'?" Senek asked  tiredly.

That caused Nikolas to look up and  raise a brow.  "You think they went off 
to play heroes?"

"That plus the belief, may I be  forgiven the blasphemy, only they can do it, 
as only His Son could save the  world," Senek explained, his expression 
rather sour at having to make the  comparison.  "Mr. McEntire is more the hero 
rather than the  savior."

"Great, ten more men and he could  start a religion," Nikolas muttered. The 
more the idea swam around in his head,  the more he wondered. "The only thing I 
can think of that he'd want to save are  more mine slaves. What kind of deal 
did the Captain make with the Devil  anyway?"

"Or it was a deal with Sauron and the three  are of the Company.  Either way, 
sir, this is nothing my grandfather can  get them out of, not like the last 
time."  Illogical or not, Senek was  disgusted.  The very fact that there was a 
'last time' meant that neither  brother had learned a damned thing, had not 
grown as individuals at all.   It annoyed him, too, because Zachary had abused 
the trust given to him.  "I  some how doubt that they will end up like the 

Nikolas stared at  his executive officer for a long moment, blinked, and then 
laughed. "There's a  reference to The Chronicles of  Narnia in this whole 
thing too, but that would be over kill." He took a moment  to think things 
through and nodded. "They're officially off the manifest, not  our problem 
they show up so let Lieutenant Lazzara and MC Le Beau know to  be on watch.  
That'll leave us to find a new chief engineer." 

Senek  steepled long fingers in front of himself.  "Sir, there is the 
possibility  that they would try to contact other crew members.  We can do one 
of two 
 things: spend too much time guessing what frequency they might try to use or 
we  can block all incoming traffic, routing it to a central location.   
Certainly that would be a lot of work but it would be less cumbersome than  
to explain to everyone aboard why they can't talk to them."

"I  hate to screen personal calls and such but go ahead with the central 
router  idea," Nikolas agreed. "And make sure everyone knows to play nice with 
SF  agent that'll be poking around. It should only be for a few days, then we 
get to  relaunch. We're a sovereign class ship for Pete's sake, we can't let 
Picard have  all the fun."

"I am quite sure my definition of fun differs from yours,  sir," Senek said 

Nikolas laughed at that. "I'm a fly boy at  heart, Mister Menkara. My idea of 
fun is different from a lot of  people's."

"Then we will all have to have a turn at taking those three to  task for 
ruining any number of types of fun," Senek replied, feeling the  headache 
already.  Whoever got stuck with playing old time phone  operator was not 
going to be happy.

"We'll let the courts and Command  deal with them." Nikolas replied as a slow 
smile pulled at his lips. "We'll deal  with our own, starting with two names 
that's come across my desk way to often.  Fred Batty and John Butler, they've 
just  become our personal Ernestine." 
So said Surak: Kaiidth. What is,  is.

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