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by Aidoaneth  tr'Ghaladriel & Rosem'Ary Sol
“The heart that can no longer love passionately, must with fury  hate”--Jean 
Baptiste Racine

Aidoaneth was fuming.  For  once, the usually weak Element of Fire was 
roaring in him.  Arrested?   His wife had been arrested!  He was so seriously 
that, if it had not  been for their son, he would have gotten physical with 
the first officer.   Instead, he had allowed the man to speak his piece and, 
with a politeness born  from Ice, the child of Air and Water, asked him to get 
out of his sight unless  he was sick or injured. Aneirin missed his mother and 
was probably as cranky as  he was.  It was not, he told himself, going to be a 
good day.

Rosem'Ary Sol was not always fond of  what she had to do but this case made 
her blood boil.  One of the forgotten  ones creating life from a sterile 
nothing, it seemed their logic had created a  creature that didn't even see 
life as 
sacred.  Not only that but she was  selling such monstrosities for profit.  
The young lawyer prayed she'd be  able to take this case all the way and that 
T'Leara would be found as guilty as  she deserved.  With that thought in mind, 
she rang the chime of the cabin  the defendant shared with her Heretic husband.
Aneirin was asleep in his carrier as  his father went to the door.  A 
holdover from serving on Galae ships for  too long, Aidoaneth had the manual 
engaged.  He undid the lock and  stared down at the woman.  "Who are you and 
do you want?" he demanded,  in no mood for niceties from strangers.

"My name is Ensign Rosem'Ary Sol and  I will be prosecuting your wife's 
case," she said simply.  "I would like to  ask you a few questions about her 
involvement in the production and sale of  reproduction units."
"The what?!"  His face  flushed bright emerald.  "She did what?"  He made a  
concentrated effort to lower his voice, not wanting to wake his son, but he 
was  enraged now, more so than he already had been.  "What did she  do?"

"It is alleged that she has been a  part of a scheme that is mass producing 
the units and selling them to the  highest bidder," the lawyer told him calmly, 
though her eyes began to glow a  little red.  So, the heretic was as enraged 
as she was, repulsed even  maybe.
He paced the room, arms crossed  tightly over his chest in an effort to keep 
from throwing something.   "Nobody would tell me why she was arrested," he 
said coldly.  "Renaldi  simply said that she was and I told him to get out of 
sight, to stop  poisoning my son's hearing."  He shook his head with utter 
disgust.   "Children for profit?  Is this some sort of joke you Lloanenn'galae 
sorts  make?"

Her eyes suddenly blazed fiery red  and she had to grip her PADD firmly or 
she'd throw it at him.  "This is no  joke, sir.  I am the prosecuting officer 
a very serious crime.   Your wife, if found guilty, will be charged with 
aiding and abetting the  production and sale of the units and possible genetic 
manipulation of  children.  We take these crimes very seriously.  If found 
guilty, she  will go to New Zealand under heavy guard with a heavy sentence and 
hope of  parole."

He let out a wordless frustrated  yell and kicked the table, sending it 
sliding across the room.  "I cannot  believe she was doing this under my nose.  
knows how I feel about the  whole process she was involved in."  He gave a 
snort of disgust then stared  right at the woman.  "For all I know, she wanted 
my sister tyo carry our  son to term because she knew the damned things were 
defective.  What proof  do you have of this debacle?"

Without a word, Rosem'Ary offered  the PADD over to Aidoaneth, her eyes 
slowly dimming back to their natural reddy  brown.  None of the information was 
sensitive but it effectively outlined  the case against his wife.  She wondered 
for a minute if this was a poor  choice for him to see it but it was only fair 
when the man looked so angry and  hurt.

As he read, Aidoaneth swore, using  words one would never hear in a Noble 
House.  She had lied to him!   She was still using the damned things and 
the lives of innocents to be  lost.  Innocents like her own son!  As if the 
boy knew he was on his  father's mind, there came a cry from the other room.  
"Excuse me,"  Aidoaneth said, sharply turning to leave.  He returned with 
Aneirin in his  arms, smiling if only for him.  "Our son," he told Rosem'Ary.  
innocent like the others.  The susse thrai lied to me.  I will aid you  
however I may providing you do one thing for me."

"What is that?" she asked, her eyes  softening for the baby.  He was a lovely 
little thing, sweet like all  children but he'd grow up to be handsome.

With one hand, Aidoaneth reached to  his opposite wrist.  Surgeon's fingers, 
strong and sure, snapped off the  marriage bracelet he'd worn.  He held the 
two pieces out to her.   "Give these to her and tell her she may expect to 
see our son or me ever  again."

"I will do that," she said softly as  she took the pieces of the bracelet 
reverently.  She slipped them into her  uniform pocket then nodded to the 
"He is beautiful,  sir."

That made Aidoaneth smile just  slightly.  "Hann'yyo.  His name is Aneirin.  
It means 'noble  born' and it still suits since it is my sister who brought 
him to  life."

"Your sister?  A  surrogate?"  Part of her lawyer turned on as she asked the 
gentle  questions.  Why hadn't the Lieutenant used the units?  Had it been her 
 husband who had insisted or was there no time to question or argue?

"Ie, that exactly.  T'Leara  suffered a fall that brought on a miscarriage 
that would have cost us this  precious one's life even before he drew breath.  
Talibah offered to carry  him to term because I refused to use one of those 
damned artificial wombs."  Aidoaneth hugged his son just then.  "My wife's 
question, once she  realized she no longer carried him, was whether I used one 
of the  units."

"Was she worried, do you think?  Concerned that her own  child had been 
placed in one?  Or more academically curious?"  She  rested lawyers' eyes on 
man, now gone professional as she watched his face  as he answered.

"I think," Aidoaneth said carefully, "no, I thought, at  the time, that it 
was repugnance at the thought that they were used but  now..."  He offered a 
useless shrug.  "Since then, she has been  obsessed with her work and had 
secretive. "

"Then it would be  speculation to say how she felt at the time," Rosem'Ary 
sighed.  "But you  will testify that she has become secretive?  Cut off and  

"Quite," he grumbled.  "She barely had time for  Aneirin never mind me.  She 
would lock herself in her lab and not come out  for days.  I would suggest you 
ask Lieutenant McKay about  that."

"She is on my list of witnesses," Rosem'Ary nodded.  "Please,  do not discuss 
what we have covered with anyone.  It could harm any  testimony you give."

"I find the woman bizarre in the extreme but she is  inoffensive enough.  
That said, other than my sister and her e'lev, there  are few people on this 
who will speak to me.  Despite the fact that I  have been aboard as long as I 
have, I am still Rihannsu to  them."

"Heretic to us, sir, but I've learned to see past someone's race,"  she said 

"That's a new one," he snorted though he stopped when  the baby shifted.  "It 
doesn't sit well with my boy it seems.  She  doesn't mean you, Aneirin.  Thee 
are noble born and a prince."

"No,  he is part heretic, part forgotten one, but children are different 
somehow,"  Rosem'Ary said with a smile all of the child.  "They don't have the  
darkness the rest of us learn as we grow up."
If it were any other circumstance,  Aidoaneth would have picked a fight with 
the woman over what most would have  considered insult.  He certainly did but 
now was not the time.   Aneirin did not need to be upset by watching or 
hearing his father throw things  again.  "I offer one more piece of 
Ensign," he finally  said.  "I know the khiensa has been grieving but he is a 
Betazoid.  If  there is something you wish verified or think that I have not 
forthcoming,  ask him to lend a hand.  The man is well talented."

"I have some psi  talent myself," she said softly, "but it is not as strong 
as a Betazoid.  I  will talk to the doctor if I require the assistance.  Thank 
you,  sir."  She smiled once more at the baby and then turned for the door.   
"If you can think of anything else, please contact me at any time.  I am  
here, even if only to talk to should you need it."  Her reddish brown eyes  met 
his, almost dimmed back to their normal colour.  "I am sorry this news,  

Aidoaneth offered a polite bow.  The woman was forthright  and fair, two 
things he could certainly appreciate.  "Hann'yyo,  Ensign.  I'll be here unless 
the Federation decides otherwise."

"If  you wish to stay here, sir, I can certainly see what I can do," she 
offered with  a shrug and her first truly warm smile.  "I may just be an Ensign 
but I  know people who know people..."

"I would appreciate it then if you would  keep that in mind.  When I came 
aboard, it was under the supervision of Dr.  Michaels and then, obviously, my 
wife so there was no worry that there happens  to be a mad man running amuck."  
Aidoaneth smirked.  "It is good to  know people who will actualy listen."

"We are few and far between,  Doctor.  But we are here if we're ever needed." 
 Her PADD beeped at  her and she consulted it quickly.  "My apologies, sir, 
but I have to  go.  I have an appointment with Lieutenant Commander McKay.  If 
you  think of anything or simply wish to talk, come and find  me."

"I will do both," he said simply,  burying his nose in the scent of his son's 
skin as he realized how final it all  was going to be.
So said Surak:  Kaiidth. What is, is.

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