<USS Eagle> "What is With That Ship?"

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"What Is With That Ship"
by Captain Rayne McCloud

    "/What is with that ship?/"
"Excuse me, Admiral," Captain Rayne McCloud inquired of Admiral Dan Landers. The latter was red-faced and on the monitor in Rayne's ready room. "/Why can't I, for once, hear anything from that ship, and it be normal business? First it's Fyrstk and some of the very controversial things /HE /got into, and now you... liberating a world!/" "Is it much different than the Battle of B'ndeeir, Admiral?" McCloud asked. "I recall tell of the U.S.S. /Intrepid/ and a certain Captain Landers that stood...." "/Yes, yes!/" interrupted Landers. "/I am quite familiar with that incident./" The mention of one of the admiral's old missions seemed to actually bring normal color to his face. McCloud made a mental note to thank Lt. Banning for that small history lesson. "/We have a ship on its way to you now,/" Landers informed him. "/The /Boxeman, /fortunately, was here in space dock, and were available to get an ambassador corps rep out to you. Try.... TRY to hold things together until that point. I've already had more than an earfull from the Vastarian government./" "I'll do my best, Admiral," Rayne acknowledged. "They have already been put down, once, when they made a full-out run on us." "/Yes. I've heard plenty about that, and how they are demanding you turn over their criminal./"
    "Some criminal," Rayne commented.  "An eleven-year-old boy."
"/I'm guessing his mere presence will constitute some sort of rallying point for the people of Tronng/."
    "That's the way I see it also, sir," Rayne agreed.
    "/Now... you DO have an official request for aid, correct?/"
    "Yes, sir," Rayne responded.
    "/Get it on record.  We don't have a leg to stand on without it./"
    "Will do, Admiral."
"/You're walking on some very thin ice, McCloud... Which of course, seems to be nothing new to commanders of that blasted ship. Be careful. Landers out./" "Will do, sir," Rayne got in before the screen returned to the UFoP insignia. "Will do."


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