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  • Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 11:25:27 -0400


Once again, there will be no sim, next week. I will be away all week.  I will be putting the rest of the saga, in a log, when I return, as by then I will know how it played out.

Sim recap:
"Help for Romulans"
Offiers present: Commodore Fyrstk, Commanders Marqusa, Haas. Lost & Dr. Hamza, Lt. Commander Matsu, Lt. Melody, Ensign Banning
NPCs used: Lt. Commanders Soren (Marqusa) & Vanik (Haas), Ensing Wren (Lost)
Stardate: Sometime in 2387

    The distress call has been made.  The Hobus star has gone super nova, and despite warnings from Ambassador Spock, the Romulan Senate deemed it no threat.  The magnitude of the eruption, and the anomalous way the shock wave was gaining strength as it spread out, suddenly made the Romulans realize, they were in serious danger.  The galaxy-wide distress call was sent out, and Starfleet was there to answer the call.
    The Eagle, just finishing with another assistance, with Nigala Station, left its complement of shuttles behind, and all non-essential personnel, to help out the crew of Nigala, and to make foorm for the evacuees of Romulus.  As they entered Romulan space, they found mass confusion.  Lukas orders the ship over s certain spot above the Empire homeworld, and orders Yoshi to pick out all the life forms she could find.  The mass beaming of Romulans begins and the Eagle officers now have their hands full.  As the safety margin, the time the Eagle can still make it safely away, looms even closer the sensors show two ships still in orbit, a Romulan warbird, and the USS Excelsior.  Scans of the other Federation ship, show that it's warp drive is down.

End Recap
Respectfully submitted,
Lukas Fyrstk, Commodore
Commanding USS Eagle, NCC 9561
21:00 CommoFyrstk =/\= ATTENTION ON DECK =/\=
21:00 Ens_Wren ::AA::
21:00 Cmdr_Marqusa ::AA::
21:00 Cmdr_Haas ::AA::
21:00 LtCmdrSoren ::AA::
21:00 LtCmdrVanik ::AA::
21:00 LtCmdrMatsu ::AA::
21:00 LtMelody ::AA::
21:00 CommoFyrstk Captain's Log, Stardate: (sometime in 2387, I'll figure it out later)
21:01 CommoFyrstk We have just left the Nigala system, headed back to the Alpha Quadrant. The Romulan Star Empire has issued a galaxy wahde distress signal
21:02 CommoFyrstk The Hobus star has gone super nova, and the shock wave is headed directly for Romulus and Remus.
21:03 CommoFyrstk Communications with the Empahre is lost. Ah have left the majority of the Eagle's crew back on Nigala to assist them with getting the station back in service, and allowing room aboard the ship for his massive evacuation.
21:04 CommoFyrstk CO >[ HELM ] Mr. Vanik, once throught the wormhole, go to slipstream.
21:04 LtCmdrVanik HELM> Aye, sir. Entering the wormhole now.
21:05 LtCmdrMatsu CSci>::Arrives on the bridge wearing her family katana with a black ribbon around the sheath. Takes her seat at the sci station.::
21:05 CommoFyrstk CO >[ CSCI ] Commader Matsu, we're going directly to Romulus. You're gonna have a tough job picking out lahfe sahgns.
21:06 LtCmdrMatsu Csci> I'll do what I can to try to boost the sensors on the way Sir.
*** SPUsr_990 joined #usseagle
21:06 CommoFyrstk CO> ::double takes looking at Matsu:: Expecting trouble, Commander?
*** SPUsr_990 is now known as Ratchet
21:07 Cmdr_Marqusa xo> ::enters the bridge and heads to her chair::
21:07 LtCmdrMatsu CSci> ::Begins to modify the sensors.::No sir. The reason I was absent was my father died. I carry the family Katana in mourning.
21:07 CommoFyrstk =/\=ACTION: the Eagle clears the wormhole on the Alpha side. =/\=
21:08 LtCmdrVanik HELM >[ CO ] Sir. We're clear the wormhome. going to slip-stream.
21:08 Cmdr_Haas CENG> ::smiles to his wife, then turns back to the engineering board::
21:09 LtMelody CNS>::Arrives on the Bridge.:: Sir should I take my station on the bridge or would I be more help in Sickbay during this crisis?
21:09 Cmdr_Marqusa xo> :: smiles to Rommie::
21:09 Cmdr_Marqusa xo >[ helm ] ETA to Romulus
21:09 CommoFyrstk CO >[ CNS ] Ah would think sick bay could probably use you more.
21:10 LtMelody CNS> Yes sir. ::Turns and hops back on the TL.:: Sickbay.
21:10 LtCmdrVanik HELM >[ XO ] two minutes, Commander.
21:10 CommoFyrstk =/\=ACTION: OPS gets the word the USS Excelsior has already entered Romulan space and is coordinating efforts. =/\=
21:11 LtMelody CNS>::Arrives in sickbay shortly afterwards.::
21:11 Cmdr_Marqusa xo >[ co ] have we gotten any new news from the Romulan empire, or any acknowledgement n where we should go when we get there?
21:11 CommoFyrstk CO> ;:looking straight at the viewer:: Nothing yet, Commander.
21:11 Ens_Wren ops >[ co ] Captain, the Excelsior is coordinating efforts for the Federation ships. They are currently in Romulan space
21:12 CommoFyrstk CO> ::mutters:: Doesn't matter anyhow, Ah know where we're going.
21:13 Cmdr_Marqusa xo >[ co ] ::looks over a little concerned at the CO:: And where is that Captain?
21:13 CommoFyrstk CO> ::taps on his console, and hits transmit:: Ensign Wren. Send to Excelsior, we will start evacuation in this sector.
21:13 Ens_Wren ops >[ co ] aye sir :: receives coordinates and transmits to the Excelsior, along with a short message::
21:14 CommoFyrstk CO >[ XO ] Ah'm certain there are plenty of ships concentrating their evacuation over the capitol city. There is another area we can concentrate our efforts, so long as they haven't already been picked out.
21:15 Cmdr_Marqusa xo >[ co ] ::quietly:: you have family in that area sir?
21:15 CommoFyrstk =/\=ACTION: The ship arrives at the drop out point for the Empire. =/\=
21:15 LtMelody CNS>::Is getting sickbay ready to recieve wounded.::
21:15 CommoFyrstk CO> ::Looks over to Gwen::
21:16 LtCmdrMatsu CSci>::Begins to scan for life signs with the modified sensors.::
21:16 LtCmdrVanik HELM >[ CO ] Dropping to normal space, sir.
21:16 Cmdr_Marqusa xo >[ co ] ::quietly:: I'll take that as a yes
21:16 CommoFyrstk CO> ::Sends the same coordinates to HELM :: Place us in this area, Mr. Vanik.
21:17 Cmdr_Marqusa xo >[ sci ] as soon as we are in range, start scanning for life signs
21:17 EnsBanning CENG> ::checking on power flows for all transporters::
21:17 LtCmdrMatsu CSci> Hai. Captain.
21:18 Cmdr_Marqusa ( Ooo, I got a promotion! )
21:18 Cmdr_Marqusa xo >[ ceng ] are all possible transporters ready Cmdr?
21:19 LtCmdrMatsu (Gee when did Banning go to Eng :) )
21:19 CommoFyrstk =/\=ACTION: As soon as the ship drops to normal space, the comm is completely filled with all sorts of transmissions. Romulan space is literally FILLED with ships of all shapes and sizes =/\=
21:19 Cmdr_Marqusa ( The same time I became Captain ; ) )
21:19 LtCmdrVanik HELM> ::looks at his sensors:: This is worse than an asteroid field!
21:20 LtCmdrMatsu CSci> I am picking up a lot of ships sir.
21:20 Ens_Wren ops> ::mutters about the comm traffic, and trying to sort through the disaster::
21:20 CommoFyrstk CO> Just do what you can, Mr. Vanik.
21:20 Cmdr_Marqusa xo >[ sci ] Concentrate on the planet Cmdr
21:20 CommoFyrstk CO> ::Sends the coordinates to science.::
21:20 LtCmdrMatsu CSci>Hai sir.
21:20 Cmdr_Marqusa xo >[ sci ] the ships can take care of themselves, it's the people on the planet that are going to die if we can't get them out of here in time
21:21 CommoFyrstk CO >[ CSCI ] Commander start concentrating life scans in that area.
21:21 LtCmdrMatsu CSci>::Starts to scan for life signs in the area coods she received.::
21:21 LtCmdrSoren csec >[ sci ] I'll start on the opposite side of the area and sending coordinates to aux transporters
21:22 CommoFyrstk =/\=ACTION: There are numerous warbirds of all classes, shuttles, freighters, and Federation ships:: =/\=
21:22 Ens_Wren Ops >[ Co ] Captain, I can't make a whole lot of sense out of the communications. Is there something in particular you want me to look for or filter for?
21:23 CommoFyrstk =/\=ACTION: Yoshi picks up numerous life signs in the coordinates sent to her =/\=
21:23 LtCmdrMatsu CSci>Sir I am picking up numerous life signs.
21:23 CommoFyrstk CO >[ OPS ] Just listen for any updates from the Excelsior, Ensign. If you have to filter out all the other traffic.
21:24 Ens_Wren Ops >[ CO ] no other traffic you want me to monitor for? No other specific Romulan ship?
21:24 LtCmdrVanik HELM> ::Carefully maneuvering the ship among the numerous other ships, brings it above the coordinates::
21:25 LtCmdrVanik HELM >[ CO ] We're at your supplied coordinates, sir.
21:25 LtCmdrMatsu CSci>::Stars feeding the coords of the life signs to the transporters.::
21:25 CommoFyrstk CO> Hold us here, Mr. Vanik. Just watch out for the other traffic, Doesn't look lahke their watching out for us.
21:26 Cmdr_Marqusa xo >[ co ] you want to go meet the people we are beaming up, or would you rather I go Captain?
21:26 EnsBanning SCI> ::operating one of the transporters, starts beaiming people up::
21:26 LtCmdrMatsu CSci> Sir I am sending the coords of the lifesigns to the transporter rooms.
21:26 Cmdr_Haas CENG> I'm heading below. ::exits the bridge::
21:27 LtCmdrSoren csci> ::sends coordinates to the auxillary transporters
21:27 CommoFyrstk CO >[ XO ] You go ahead and go, Gwen. Ah'm not sure they;d be glad to see me.
21:28 CommoFyrstk CO >[ XO ] assure them this is temporary. We will be transporting them to wherever the refuge area is.
21:29 Cmdr_Marqusa xo> ::Stands:: Aye sir. I will ::heads to the cargo bays where area has been prepared to sort through all who are being beamed aboard::
21:29 CommoFyrstk =/\=ACTION: Bewildered and frightened Romulans start flooding the ship. Officers have to escort them quickly out of the transporter rooms into the corridors =/\=
21:30 Cmdr_Marqusa xo> ::enters the cargo bay and looks around to quickly ascertain the situation::
21:31 EnsBanning SCI >+[ OPS ]+ Transporter Room 2 to OPS, we need some more security people down here to help escort these people out.
21:31 LtMelody CNS>::briefly wonders if the CMO is going to put in an apprence.::
21:31 Ens_Wren Lost><ops> ::is in the cargo bay trying to organize people to assign them temporary sleeping areas::
21:31 Ens_Wren ops >+[ sci ]+ Acknowledged. :: Looks over to Soren::
21:32 LtCmdrSoren csci >[ ops ] I'm sending more down now
21:32 Cmdr_Haas CENG> ::enters the cargo bay with Lost:: Holeeeee.
21:32 LtCmdrMatsu (wow Soren is now csci? :)< /a> :
21:33 LtCmdrSoren ( I'm always mixing them up CSec just two letters different )
21:33 Cmdr_Marqusa xo> :: looks over to Rommie and Tru as they enter::
21:33 Cmdr_Marqusa xo> ::in a load voice:: Everyone listen up!!
21:33 CommoFyrstk =/\=ACTION: OPS receives word from the admiral aboard Excelsior. The wave is increasing in speed, it will strike Romulus in less than 45 minutes. =/\=
21:34 Ens_Wren ops >[ co ] Captain the wave will hit in 45 mins
21:34 CommoFyrstk CO >[ CSCI ] Yoshi, Ah need....::Sees she is busy::
*** Jyran left #usseagle
21:35 LtCmdrMatsu CSci> What do you need sir?
21:35 CommoFyrstk CO >[ HELM ] Ah need a safety margin, Mr. Vanik. The last minute we can stay in orbit.
21:36 CommoFyrstk CO> ::turns to Yoshi:: You finish what you were doing, Commander. That's more important
21:36 LtCmdrVanik HELM> ::turns back to his console:: I'm on it, sir.
21:36 Cmdr_Marqusa xo> ::still talking loudly:: I'm sure everyone is aware of the mass evacuation going on. Cmdr Lost here will be assigning you temporary arrangements on this ship :: indicates Tru:: Once we are safely away from Romulus, we will make arrangements to see you safely to whatever destination you desire within reason
21:36 Cmdr_Haas CENG> ::Has his men helping set up the refugees::
21:37 LtCmdrMatsu CSci> If you tell me what it is sir I may be able to do both at the same time.
21:37 Cmdr_Haas CENG >[ XO ] Gwen we have an empty shuttle bay and repair areas as well.
21:37 LtCmdrSoren csec >[ csci ] I believe he's having Vanik do it
21:37 LtCmdrVanik HELM >[ CSCI ] I got it Yosh.
21:38 Cmdr_Marqusa xo >[ ceng ] use whatever you we need
21:39 LtCmdrMatsu CSci> ::Nods and continues to concentrate on finding people to beam up.::
21:39 Cmdr_Marqusa xo> ::talking loudly to the masses again:: If anyone needs any medical assistance, please speak to any crew member aboard, and we will see that you are attended to
21:39 Cmdr_Haas CENG >+[ OPS ]+ Commander Haas to OPS, Wren, have the transporter rooms 1 and 2 send their people to the shuttle bays.
21:40 LtMelody CNS>::Starts to help as wounded start to trickle into sickbay.::
21:40 Cmdr_Haas CENG> ::heads to the shuttle bay::
21:40 Ens_Wren ( test )
21:40 Ens_Wren ops >[ ceng ] aye sir ::transmit the messages to the transporter rooms::
21:41 Bot ::a regal elderly Romulan woman approaches Gwen, calmly in all the confusion::
21:41 LtMelody CNS>::Sings a song of calm and reassurance in Romulan to help ease the fears of thoes comming into sickbay.::
21:42 Cmdr_Marqusa xo> ::starts to say something to Tru, but then turns as the woman approaches:: Is there something I can help you with?
21:42 Bot Woman> Go ahead with what you were going to say to that officer, Commander.
21:43 Cmdr_Marqusa Xo> I was about to say that I was going to head to the shuttle bay to talk with the new people that will be coming in there. Anything I can do for you before I head out?
21:43 LtCmdrVanik HELM> ::has to move slightly starboard as a freighter comes out of the atmosphere and almost rams the Eagle::
21:44 Bot Woman> ::Smiles:: What ship is this?
21:44 Cmdr_Marqusa xo> The USS Eagle
21:45 Bot Woman> ::Smiles again:: Thank you, Commander. ::She turns and walks back tot he spot she was issued.::
21:46 EnsBanning SCI> ::Still transporting people, and ushering them out of the transporter room::
21:46 Cmdr_Marqusa xo>:: nods, figuring this had something to do with Lukas and that the woman was part of the reason that the Captain wanted this part in particular, nods to Tru and heads out::
21:46 Cmdr_Haas CENG> ::organizing the efforts in the shuttle bay::
21:47 LtCmdrVanik SEC1> ::trying to shepherd the people down the corridor to the shuttle bay::
21:48 Cmdr_Marqusa xo>:: arrives in the shuttle bay area::
21:48 Cmdr_Marqusa xo >+[ co ]+ how much more time do we have captain?
21:48 CommoFyrstk =/\=ACTION: The admiral aboard Excelsior issues the order for all ships to leave now, and get to sage space. =/\=
21:49 CommoFyrstk CO >+[ XO ]+ Probably only another 10 minutes at most, Commander. How are we faring space wahse?
21:49 Cmdr_Marqusa xo >+[ co ]+ fairly well captain, I think we will be to capacity by the time we have to leave
21:50 Ens_Wren Ops >[ CO ] captain, the Excelsior just issued orders to leave Romulus and get to save area
21:50 CommoFyrstk CO >+[ XO ]+ Good to hear, Commander.
21:51 CommoFyrstk CO >[ OPS ] Acknowledge the order, Ensign. Mr. Vanik hold position.
21:51 LtCmdrVanik HELM> ::knew he would say that:: Aye, sir.
21:52 Ens_Wren Ops >[ CO ] aye sir ::acknowledges orders::
21:52 CommoFyrstk =/\=ACTION: One by one ships start leaving orbit, then jumping to warp. =/\=
21:53 CommoFyrstk CO >[ CSCI ] How we making out, Commander?
21:54 Cmdr_Marqusa xo> ::repeats the same message in the shuttle bay that she had in cargo bay, except instructing people to talk to Rommie::
21:55 LtCmdrVanik HELM >[ CO ] Sir. we're approaching the safety window.
21:56 CommoFyrstk =/\=ACTION: The only ships left in orbit are the Excelsior and a D'deridex class warbird. =/\=
21:56 LtMelody CSci> We are doing well. Population scans nearing zero
21:56 CommoFyrstk ((at least population scans in our area, right Commander?))
21:57 LtCmdrMatsu (Yes)
21:57 LtCmdrMatsu CSci> In our area that is sir.
21:57 LtCmdrVanik HELM >[ CO ] Only two other ships in orbit, sir. Excelsior is one.
21:58 LtCmdrMatsu (Sorry I had to run to the potty..)
21:58 CommoFyrstk CO >[ CSCI ] Scan Excelsior, see whah she hasn't left yet.
21:59 LtCmdrMatsu CSci> Hai sir.::Scans the Excelsior::
21:59 Cmdr_Marqusa xo > ::seeing everything going okay in the shuttle bay, makes her way to the cargo bay::
21:59 CommoFyrstk =/\=ACTION: Yoshi's scans show Excelsior's warp drive is gone. =/\=
21:59 CommoFyrstk =/\=ACTION: Eagle quickly reaches her capacity. =/\=
21:59 LtCmdrMatsu CSci> Sir The Excelsior's Warp drive is GONE!!
22:00 CommoFyrstk =/\= Pause Sim =/\=

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