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We aredrawing to the end of this particular saga.  Again, I cannot say enough about the performance of this crew.  Totally awesome.  I would , again, like to extend best wishes for a happy and safe 4th of July celebration.

Reminder:  There will be no sim on July 13th.  I will be out of town and out of touch.  (Well some say I am already out of touch, but you know what I mean... I hope)

Sim Recap
"The Chekov," part 6
Officers present:  Commodore Fyrstk, Lt. Commander Marqusa, Lts. Haas and Lost, Dr. Hamza, Lt jg Tracy, Dr. Melody
Officers absent: Comander Bass (LOA), Lt. Dawson, Ensign Rose (LOA)
Stardate: 59377.45  (05/18/2382, 18:30 hours)

The Trojan Horse detects the USS Chekov  leaving Theonian Homespace.  Projected trajectories for the cloaked ship show that it is possibly headed for the Eagle.  Commander Marqusa orders the Horse to head out along known trader routes to take them near to the Eagle's coordinates.

Malachi, while heading to dinner with Dr. Melody, suffers another headache. His pain is so intense it is "broadcasted" to other psi-sensatives on the ship.  Dr. Melody rushes to his aid, and gets him to sick bay to check him out.

End recap

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RomnHaas: :AA::
Malachi Styles: ::AA::
LtJosephineTracy: ::AA::
GwenivereMarqusa: ::AA::
EnsignMelody: ::AA::
T L Lost: ::AA::
CommoLukasFyrstk: Captain's Log, Stardate 59377.45 (05/18/2382, 18:30 hours)
CommoLukasFyrstk: We are continuing our observations of the Trojan Horse.  It 
is still in Theonian Homespace.  Ah want so bad to contact them and see how 
they are doing, but Ah don't want to blow their cover at all.
CommoLukasFyrstk: We are maintianing our guise of "looking" for the Chekov.
CommoLukasFyrstk: Ah have gone off duty and am returning to mah quarters.  Ah 
have left strict instructions to summon me should anything change.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO>::shuts off the recorder and leaves the bridge.::
Malachi Styles: SCI> ::heading for the crew mess hall.::
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo>::walks out of the negotiation room and motions for 
Rommie and Soren to follow her back to where they beamed down.
RomnHaas: @OPS>::Standing in the corridor waiting for Gwen::
RomnHaas: @OPS>::Follows Gwen, wanting to ask all sorts of questions::
EnsignMelody: AMO> ::Is waiting for Mal in the Mess hall::
T L Lost: @<helm>::receives the coordinates from Josie, and plots the 
trajectory that the Chekov is currently on::
Malachi Styles: SCI>::Suddenly falls to his knees in the corridor with a sharp 
pain in his head.  Unknowingly sends out the pain to other psi-sensative people 
on the ship, which THEY find very painful::
LtJosephineTracy: @ ::Switches the scanners to read the background  noise to 
keep track of the Checov: I hope Gwen gets back soon.
EnsignMelody: AMO> ::Grabs her head.:: Mal? ::Runs out of the mess hall.::
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo>+Trojan Horse+ 3 to beam up.
Malachi Styles: SCI>::just as quick, the pain goes away.  Starts to get to his 
fet, still a bit dazed.::
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION::  The three are beamed back to the Horse::
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo>::smiles to Rommie, then turns and heads towards the 
RomnHaas: @OPS>[AXO]::Appearing on the Horse::  S-so what happened in there?
EnsignMelody: AMO> ::Comes running up the corridor in her blue dress.:: Mal? 
Are you alright? 
GwenivereMarqusa: @Soren>::follows the other two::
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo> I think I broke his heart.
Malachi Styles: SCI>::Leans against the wall.::  Yeah.... wh-what happened?
RomnHaas: @OPS>::raises an eyebrow::  B-broke his heart?
EnsignMelody: AMO> I don't know. I felt some sort of pain and all I could think 
about was you. Why don't we make a detour to Sickbay before dinner just to make 
sure everything is ok?
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo>::turns and grins at Rommie:: Yeah . . . he wanted more 
then just the Tea in trade. 
Malachi Styles: SCI>  You think that's....necessary?
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo>::with a twinkle in her eye:: It was a shame to turn 
him down though.
EnsignMelody: AMO> ::Smiles sweetly:: Better safe then sorry. 
RomnHaas: @OPS>  Y-you weren't considering it were you?
Malachi Styles: SCI>  OKay....::Straightens up::  You're te doctor..::Weak 
EnsignMelody: AMO> ::Heads to Sickbay with Mal.:: 
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo>::teasingly:: Well, I did consider it . . . ::turns and 
starts heading back to the bridge:: for the good of the mission and all.
T L Lost: Muerta><nurse>::in sickbay, going over some work::
RomnHaas: @OPS>::Follows tot he bridge...skeptical::  Yeah....for the mission.
EnsignMelody: AMO> :Enters sickbay with Mal in tow:: It shouldn't take too long.
Malachi Styles: SCI>  I really don't know what happened.  It was scary.
EnsignMelody: AMO> I know I felt it too.
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo>::chuckles:: In the end, I decided that I could just 
blame everything on my mate.  I told him that my mate was the jealous type and 
would put a price on his head if we did anything.
RomnHaas: @OPS>  :mutters:  Your mate would downright d-do the job himself.
EnsignMelody: AMO>::Points to a bio bed as she grabs a scanner.:: Sit there and 
I'll give you the once over.
T L Lost: Muerta><nurse>::looks over as Mal and Melody as they enter and raises 
her eyebrows, frowning slightly.  Stands and heads over:: Everything okay?
Malachi Styles: SCI>::Gets up on the bio-bed.::
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo>::looks over to Rommie and grins, then steps onto the 
Malachi Styles: SCI>::Suddenly chuckles at the thought of getting a "once 
EnsignMelody: AMO> Mal had some sort of sudden intense head pain and he kinda 
broadcast it. So I thought we should check it out.
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo>[helm] Mr. Lost, please back us up 200,000 km from the 
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo>[sci] Josie, tell me you found something
LtJosephineTracy: CSci>@I did/The Chekov just left. They cloaked and went into 
T L Lost: Muerta><nurse>[mal] This ever happen before Mal?
RomnHaas: @OPS>::Checks the comm channels.::
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo>[sci] They still within tracking range?
LtJosephineTracy: CSci>@::Has a big grin on her face.:: Yes and no.
Malachi Styles: SCI>  I..... I had a real slight headache earlier while I was 
doing my schoolwork.
T L Lost: @<helm>[axo] Aye skipper.  ::backs the TH up to the required 
T L Lost: Muerta><nurse> Was that the first time its happened?
Malachi Styles: SCI>::nods:: Yes, ma;am.
EnsignMelody: AMO>::Starts to run the scanner over Mal's head::
T L Lost: Muerta><nurse>Where you thinking about similar things both times?
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo>::takes a seat and then turns and looks at Josie, 
raises her eyebrows:: [sci] Explain please.
Malachi Styles: SCI>::thinks a moment.::  No, ma'am.  THe first time I was 
thinking about sensor waves and how they work. 
LtJosephineTracy: CSci>@They are out of our sensor range but they took the time 
to scan us before they left and I tagged them.
Malachi Styles: SCI>  This time I was just thinking about dinner.
T L Lost: Muerta><nurse> You sure that another thought didn't creep up on you 
when you were thinking about sensor waves Mr Fyrstk?
RomnHaas: @OPS>"Tsaagged" them?
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo>::was about to ask the same question:: How?
RomnHaas: ((That was weird....*tagged*))
LtJosephineTracy: CSci>@ I slightly altered their sensors background filter so 
that they are leaving a signiture in the background noise so we can track them.
Malachi Styles: SCI>::looks quizzically at the nurse::  Another thought, ma'am?
T L Lost: Muerta><nurse>Yes, like maybe a thought about Dinner . . . or maybe a 
particular person?
RomnHaas: @OPS>  Interesting.
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo>And will they be able to notice this alteration?
EnsignMelody: AMO> ::Also give the nurse a look then goes back to looking at 
the readings.::
Malachi Styles: SCI>::blushes and quick glances to Melody::  Well.... I was 
thinking about Dr. Melody here.  We were going to have dinner together.
LtJosephineTracy: CSci>@ Only if they run a full level five dionostic on the 
sensor systems.
T L Lost: Muerta><nurse>So, you were thinking about the same thing both times 
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION::  All mal's reading have returned to normal.  A 
residual trace of psionic energy shows p on Melody's scanners::
Malachi Styles: SCI>  Oh no, ma'am.  The first time I was thinking of my 
studies.  My teacher already had.... seen to that
EnsignMelody: AMO> thats intresting. HIs readings are normal but it shows some 
trace of psionic energy.
EnsignMelody: AMO> ::Shows the readings to Muerta::
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION:: Josie's projected trajectory show the Chekov heading 
for the Eagle.::
T L Lost: Muerta><nurse>::looks at the readings:: Mal, how long have your 
psionic abilities been present?
LtJosephineTracy: CSci> @ Skipper. IF my projected trajectroy is correct. 
Gladim isn't fooling around anymore. He's heading for the Eagle's location.
T L Lost: ((Josie's? So mine didn't show that?))
Malachi Styles: SCI>::Shrugs::  Not very long.  They have basically been just 
developing...I started feeling them about two or three months after I turned 
Malachi Styles: SCI>::Shrugs again::  So almost a year now
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo> He is? [ops] Rommie, send out a message to the Eagle 
and let them know.
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo>[ops] Then send a message to Captain Heiriam and let 
him know that if he decides to trade with us, to send us a message.  We don't 
have time to just sit around and waste.
CommoLukasFyrstk: ((My apologies, Mr. Lost.  Of course your's could as well.))
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo> Mr. Lost, plot us a course along trade lines that will 
bring us close to the Eagle's current position.
EnsignMelody: AMO> You didn't know he had psionic abilities?
RomnHaas: @OPS>  Aye, skipper.  ::Sends the message.::
T L Lost: @<helm>::looks on his color coded map and notices one that is colored 
green that will take us right there:: Course plotted and laid in skipper.
EnsignMelody: AMO> Do you think that him assisting in training me is putting a 
strain on his abilities?
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION::Heiriam hails the Horse::
Tebok trKhev has entered the room.
T L Lost: Muerta><nurse>It's possible, especially since he's just coming into 
his abilities.
Tebok trKhev: [::enters chatroom shaking and muttering about the evil of 
aliens:: Sorry I am late]
RomnHaas: @OPS>[AXO]  Gwen.  Heiriam is hailing.
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo>[ops] On Screen.
EnsignMelody: AMO> Well that make two of us. ::Smiles at Mal.::
RomnHaas: ((We're all aliens here, Ratchet.  Rigellian, Vulcan...etc))
RomnHaas: @OPS>::dose so.::
CommoLukasFyrstk: @HEIRIAM>  Captain?  You aren't going away mad are you?
Malachi Styles: SCI>  So....so does that mean I can't help you anymore?
EnsignMelody: AMO> I hope not.
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo>::grins:: Mad?  Never.  You didn't really have what I 
wanted to begin with Captain.  I don't have time to just sit and wait.  Unless 
you have an answer for me now, I have other matters I need to attend to. 
T L Lost: Muerta><nurse> It means you should give it a break for a little while 
EnsignMelody: AMO> See it's not all that bad. So is he clear to go have some 
dinner now Muerta?
CommoLukasFyrstk: @Heiriam>::Suddenly listens to someone off-screen.  Content 
with the course set by the Horse, he looks back to the screen::  Well my 
offer... ALL of my ofers.. stand, Captain. ::Smiles::  I hope we can do 
T L Lost: Muerta><nurse>I don't see why not if his readings are normal.  You 
might think of bringing a psi suppresent with you Doctor.  In case this happens 
Malachi Styles: SCI>:look of relief::  Well Commander Marqusa should be back 
son and she can help you too, Melody.
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo>::grins:: Maybe if things change with my mate, I may 
take you up on that offer.  I shall return then.
LtJosephineTracy: CSci>@ ::Mutters:: I bet he offered to show you his pillow 
collection in his private bedroom.
T L Lost: @<helm>::looks over his shoulder at Gwen, wondering what that was 
RomnHaas: @OPS>::mutters::  Things won't change with your mate.
EnsignMelody: AMO> ::Thanks Muerta:: Shall we go?
Malachi Styles: SCI>::Slides off the bio-bed.::Let's
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo>::motions for Rommie to cut the comm::
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo>[helm] Engage Mr. Lost.
RomnHaas: @OPS>:mutters again:: Gladly. ::cuts the transmission::
EnsignMelody: AMO> ::Takes his arm and walks out of sickbay heading for the 
Mess Hall::
T L Lost: Muerta><nurse>::frowns, watching them head out::
T L Lost: @<helm>::hits the nice little red engage button::
LtJosephineTracy: @CSci>I wonder if he's been reading "how to score with alien 
women" by James T Kirk.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO>::is informed by the bridge that the TH is on the move.  
And that their course could intersect with the Eagle.::
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo>::smiles to Rommie:: Wouldn't want to make him upset, 
now would I Rommie?
RomnHaas: @ops>::cHUCKLES AT jOSIE'S COMMENT::
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo>[sci] Actually, he was a little more convincing then 
RomnHaas: @ops>[axo] nO... i-i 'SPOSE YOU WOULDN'T
LtJosephineTracy: CSci>@ Can I play the Captian next time then? ::Smiles::
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO>::informs the OD to monitor all comm channels and sensor 
readings and that he was on his way back to the bridge.::
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo>hmmm, I don't know, I definately had fun.
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION::  The Chekov drops out of warp just within sensor 
range of the Eagle.::
CommoLukasFyrstk: ::They remain cloaked but start a slow approach to the other 
LtJosephineTracy: CSci> @ My readings say that the Chekov just stopped moveing. 
LtJosephineTracy: CSci>@ Or they are moveing really slow
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo> [sci] acknowledged. [helm] Mr. Lost.  ETA?
CommoLukasFyrstk: GLADIAM>::Looks at the image of the Eagle on his screen::  
They don't have a chance, do they?
EnsignMelody: AMO> ::Enters the mess hall with Mal.::
T L Lost: @<helm>[axo] We will be in range of the Chekov in 5 minutes skipper.
CommoLukasFyrstk: SAMIAM> We will have to be closer to take over their 
computers, and they are using their sensors extensively, Emminence.
LtJosephineTracy: CSci>@ Gwen Can the Eagle detect the Chekov?
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO>::Enters the bridge::  Go to yellow alert.
Malachi Styles: SCI>::Sees te yellow alert::  Crap!
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo>hmmm . . . [ops] Send another message to the Eagle 
informing them that the Chekov is hunting them and how to detect the ship.
EnsignMelody: AMO> Dang... Duty Calls. Maybe later Mal?
RomnHaas: @OPS>  They c-can detect them, the same as we can, but I don't think 
the captain will e-engage them
Malachi Styles: SCI>  Later sounds great!
EnsignMelody: AMO> ::Turns around with him and heads back to sickbay.::Ok See 
you later then.
RomnHaas: @OPS>::Sends the message about the Chekov hunting the Eagle::
CommoLukasFyrstk: PAUSE SIM
GwenivereMarqusa: ATTENTION

Respectfully submitted,
Lukas Fyrstk, Commodore
Commanding USS Eagle

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