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    We shall be welcoming a new member to the Eagle crew, next week.  Lt.jg Andrew Costa will be signing on as engineer, so let's all make him feel welcome.  As I stated, at the end of the sim, i am not sure how much further we will be continuing with the pliot. I originally only wanted it as a one-sim plot, so I may finish it up in logs, this week.  At any rate, so you really don't think I have lost it with some of this story plot, I am taking this from the Star Trek Online story line Road to 2409: 2387.

"Mournful Discovery"
Officers present: Commodore Fyrstk, Commanders Marqusa, Haas & Dr. Hamza, Lt. Commanders Matsu & Vanik, Lt. Melody, Dr. Fenway
Stardate: 64477.73 (06/24/2387, 09:00 hours)

The Eagle has offloaded all the Romulan refugees, at the processing center near Archenar Prime.  While enroute back to Nigala Station to retrieve the rest of their crew, and their shuttles, they take a "observatory" route through Romulan space to try and get an idea how badly the shockwave actually damaged the Romulan Empire.  The sensors pick up the debris of a ship.  The Eagle investigates and finds many Romulan bodies floating in space.  The bodies are brought aboard to be taken to a Romulan colony world.  Dr. Fenway discovers that one of the bodies may be that of the Romulan Praetor, Chulan.


21:00 CommoFyrstk =/\= ATTENTION ON DECK =/\=
21:00 EnsBanning ::AA::
21:00 Cmdr_Haas ::AA::
21:00 LtCmdrVanik ::AA::
21:00 LtCmdrMatsu ::AA::
21:00 LtjgMelody ::AA::
21:01 CommoFyrstk SIM OF 090805
21:03 CommoFyrstk Captain's Log, Stardate 64477.73 (06/24/2387, 09:00 hours)
21:04 CommoFyrstk We have just offloaded the Romulan refugees at the processing center near Archenar Prahme.
21:04 CommoFyrstk We are now headed back to Federation territory..
21:05 CommoFyrstk Ah personally don't know what the Romulans are going to do. Their world destroyed.
21:06 CommoFyrstk At any rate, we are taking the long way back, to trah and get an estimate of what was destroyed by the shock wave from Hobus.
21:06 CommoFyrstk CO >[ HELM ] You know the way, Mr. Vanik. Take us home.
21:07 LtCmdrVanik HELM >[ CO ] Aye, sir. Will we be returning to Nigala?
21:07 LtjgMelody ::Sitting in her chair on the bridge.:: Second star to the right then straight on till morning? ::Smirks::
21:07 CommoFyrstk CO >[ HELM ] Yes, we will, Mr. Vanik. We do need to pick up our crew and shuttles.
21:08 LtjgMelody CNS>
21:08 CommoFyrstk CO> ::Looks at the counselor:: Something lahke that, Counselor. Tell me..... How were the Romulans all taking this?
21:09 LtCmdrVanik HELM> ::Sets course and engages::
21:09 Cmdr_Haas CENG> ::enters the bridge::
21:09 LtjgMelody CNS> Not well Sir. I could feel anger, frustration, confusion, depression.
21:10 Cmdr_Haas CENG> ::Stepping into the conversation:: I am quite surprised there wasn't more, though.
21:10 LtjgMelody CNS> As was I Sir.
21:10 CommoFyrstk CO> :: Looks over at Rommie:: Oh?
21:11 Cmdr_Haas CENG> Yes, sir. With as packed in as those people were, ther fighting should have been a lot worse.
*** EnsBanning is now known as DrFenway
21:12 DrFenway AMO> ::Enters the bridge. Smiles seeing Melody::
21:12 LtjgMelody CNS>::Smiles back.::
21:12 CommoFyrstk CO> ::Looks between Rommie and Melody:: You think maybe they were in shock?
21:13 Cmdr_Haas CENG> ::shrugs:: They could have been, but a lot of them definitely knew what was happening. I will give them credit for their courage.
21:14 LtjgMelody CNS> That was my assesment. From what I studied about the Romulan culture they did believe that they are destined to rule the entire universe.
21:14 LtjgMelody CNS> Then their lives were upheaved by the destruction of their homeworld. Gives them good reason to be in shock.
21:15 DrFenway AMO> :: Steps to the captain's chair, handing him a PADD:: I was rather impressed with them myself. I had this elderly woman actually break up a possible fight.
21:16 CommoFyrstk =/\=ACTION: Yoshi's sensors pick up some ship debris:: =/\=
21:16 LtCmdrMatsu CSci> Sir I am picking up debris from a ship.
21:16 CommoFyrstk CO> :: wonders briefly who the elderly woman was.::
21:17 CommoFyrstk CO> :: raises a brow:: This far out? The wave shouldn't have hit here, shour it?
21:17 DrFenway AMO> ::Looks over to the science station.:::
21:17 LtCmdrMatsu CSci> No sir. It should have lost enough strength unless the ship was severly damaged already.
21:18 CommoFyrstk CO >[ CSCI ] Send the coordinates to helm. Let's check it out.
21:18 LtCmdrMatsu CSci>::Sends the coords to helm.:: Sent sir.
21:19 LtCmdrVanik HELM> ::slows the ship, as they aren't that far, and adjusts the heading::
21:20 CommoFyrstk =/\=ACTION: As the ship nears the debris, Yoshi can detect bodies floating in space:: =/\=
21:20 LtCmdrMatsu CSci> Sir I am picking up bodies among the debris.
21:21 LtCmdrVanik HELM> ::glides the ship into the area::
21:21 DrFenway AMO> ::listens, now concerned::
21:22 CommoFyrstk CO >[ CSCI ] What types of bodies?
21:22 CommoFyrstk =/\=ACTION: THe sensors indicate all Romulan =/\=
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21:23 Cmdr_Marqusa ((sorry all, work was . . . busy : ( ))
21:24 LtCmdrMatsu CSci> Sensors indicate they are all Romulan sir.
21:26 CommoFyrstk CO> ::sighs:: All srop, Mr. Vanik. ::Looks to Fenway:: Do we have space in the morgue?
21:27 LtjgMelody CNS> ::Extends her mind to see if there are any survivors.::
21:27 Cmdr_Marqusa xo> :: working with the Romulans::
21:27 DrFenway AMO> Aye, sir. We do. I'll head down there now, and we can take them aboard.
21:28 Cmdr_Haas CENG> I'll go give him a hand, Lukas
21:28 CommoFyrstk CO> Thank you, Rommie.
21:29 LtCmdrVanik HELM> ::brings the ship to s stop::
*** Ratchet joined #usseagle
21:29 CommoFyrstk =/\=ACTION: Yoshi's sensors indicate the ship was destroyed by disruptor fire. =/\=
21:29 Ratchet [I am so sorry I am late. Taking care of my sick cat]
21:30 DrFenway AMO> :: Heads to the morgue::
21:30 Cmdr_Haas CENG> :: goes with Fenway::
21:30 LtCmdrMatsu CSci> Sir scanning the debris it seems it was destroyed by disruptor fire.
21:31 LtjgMelody CNS> Sir shall I also go assist?
21:31 CommoFyrstk CO> ;; Looks unbelievingly at Yoshi:: You certain?
21:31 LtCmdrMatsu CSci>Hai sir
21:31 CommoFyrstk CO> How long ago?
21:32 CommoFyrstk CO> ::Nods to the counselor.:: Please do, Lt.
21:32 Cmdr_Marqusa xo> :: heads to the bridge::
21:32 LtCmdrMatsu CSci>::Looks at the scans again.::
21:32 CommoFyrstk =/\=ACTION: Sensors indicate two days at the most =/\=
21:32 LtjgMelody CNS>Yes sir.::Follows Fenway and Haas to the TL.::
21:33 LtCmdrMatsu CSci> If I am reading this right sir about two days ago at the most.
21:33 Cmdr_Marqusa xo> :: exits the TL onto the bridge::
21:33 Cmdr_Haas AMO> ::Arrives in the morgue:: +TR1+ Dr. Fenway to transporter room 1, you may transport the bodies.
21:34 LtjgMelody CNS>::Arrives a couple minuets later.::
21:35 Cmdr_Haas CO >[ CSCI ] Transport the debris to cargo bay 1. Ah want a full investigation.
21:35 DrFenway AMO> ::watches the bodies appear:: Rather well-dressed, aren't they?
21:36 LtCmdrMatsu CSci>Hai Captain.::Starts to lock onto peices to beam into cargo bay 1.::
21:36 Cmdr_Haas CENG> ::Nods in agreement:: They look like dignitaries.
21:37 CommoFyrstk CO >[ XO ] :: smiles to Gwen:: Up for some detective work?
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21:38 DrFenway AMO> ::examines the bodies some more:: Oh, dear.
21:38 LtjgMelody CNS>Anything I can do to help Doctor?
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21:39 Cmdr_Haas CENG> What? ..... What, oh dear?
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21:39 Cmdr_Marqusa xo >+[ co ]+ :: smiles:: always sir
21:40 Cmdr_Marqusa (( not sure what keeps happening, but it loads a web page in this one when I would type ))
21:40 DrFenway AMO >[ CNS ] Melody, love? Could you start tagging and cataloguing the other bodies over there?
21:40 DrFenway AMO >+[ CMO ]+ Dr. Fenway to Dr. Hamza. I wanted to advise you I was in the morgue.
21:41 LtjgMelody CNS>Love?::Smirks:: Yes Doctor. :Starts to tag the bodies and record them in the catalog.::
21:41 DrFenway CO >[ XO ] Cargo bay 1, then. Check on the debris, see if we can fahnd anything about the ship.
21:42 DrFenway AMO> ::Smiles to Melody, then looks to Rommie::
21:42 DrFenway AMO> This man looks like more than a dignitary.
21:43 Ratchet CMO>[AMO] Okay. What have you found?
21:43 DrFenway AMO >+[ CO ]+ Dr. Fenway to the bridge. Commodore. I believe you should come down here.
21:43 Cmdr_Marqusa xo >+[ co ]+ aye sir. :: stands and heads back to the TL::
21:44 DrFenway AMO >+[ CMO ]+ We have picked up some floating bodies in space. Perhaps you should come here as well.
21:44 Cmdr_Marqusa xo > :: stops and looks over to the Captain upon hearing the Docs call ::
21:44 CommoFyrstk CO >+[ AMO ]+ ::a bit alarmed:: Ah'll be rahght there, Doctor.
21:45 CommoFyrstk CO >[ HELM ] You have the bridge, Mr. Vanik.
21:45 Cmdr_Marqusa xo > ::waits for Lukas at the TL doors, holding them open ::
21:45 CommoFyrstk CO> ::looks to Gwen and shrugs:: Ah don't lahke the sound of this.
21:45 LtCmdrVanik HELM> ::Moves to the command seat.::
21:46 Cmdr_Marqusa xo >+[ co ]+ I don't either, mind if I accompany you before heading to the carbo bay?
21:46 CommoFyrstk CO> ::Enters the TL;; Ah suddenly feel we need more eyes on that debris. Have Rommie meet you there.
21:46 LtCmdrMatsu CSci>::Smirks:: How come I never get the bridge any more unless I'm the last one here?
21:47 CommoFyrstk CO> ::Nods:: Sure. Come along.
21:47 Cmdr_Marqusa xo> :: nods and follows the Captain::
21:47 LtCmdrVanik HELM> My guess would be because you may be needed. This sounds serious.
21:48 CommoFyrstk CO> :: steps out of the TL and heads to the morgue. Enter:: Report, Doctor.
21:48 Cmdr_Marqusa xo > :: follows the Captain::
21:49 DrFenway AMO> :: looks to the captain and frowns:: Well, sir. Unless I miss my guess, this emblem on this poor man's chest is the crest of the Praetor.
21:50 CommoFyrstk CO> :: Stops dead. A cold chill runs down him:: What?
21:50 CommoFyrstk CO> :: Looks at the body on the slab. Then looks to Gwen::
21:50 Cmdr_Marqusa xo> That ship was carrying the Praetor? :: looks at Lukas, thinking this is NOT good::
21:51 Cmdr_Haas CENG> :: OVer by a couple other bodies:: I would bet it was carrying some senators, too.
21:52 CommoFyrstk CO> ::Looks to Fenway:: How can we be sure?
21:52 Cmdr_Marqusa xo> We need to figure out what happened. I'm heading to the Cargo bay. Rommie, I'm going to need your help.
21:53 DrFenway AMO> Positive identification.... DNA tests, If we had his DNA on file.
21:53 Cmdr_Haas CENG> ::Nods to Gwen, and heads in her direction::
21:54 CommoFyrstk CO> We won't have that on fahle, but.... ::just shakes his head:: Ah want a full report on the DNA fahndings of these people.... ASAP!
21:55 DrFenway AMO> :: looks over towards Melody, then back to the captain:: Aye, sir. We'll get right on it.
21:55 Cmdr_Marqusa xo >+[ co ]+ Captain, we'll be in the Cargo Bay ::heads out of sickbay::
21:56 Cmdr_Marqusa (( sorry, hit the wrong key ))
21:56 CommoFyrstk CO >[ XO ] ::Nods to her:: Sounds good.
21:56 LtCmdrVanik CENG> :: with Gwen.::
21:57 LtjgMelody CNS> ::Starts taking DNA samples.::
21:57 Cmdr_Marqusa We have the debris in the cargo bay
21:58 CommoFyrstk CO >+[ CSCI ]+ Fyrstk to Commander Matsu. Ah want full scans of this area of space. Ah want to know what happened out there.
21:58 CommoFyrstk CO> :: Heads out::
21:58 LtCmdrMatsu CSci>+CO+ Hai Captain. ::Starts a full scan.::
21:59 CommoFyrstk CO >+[ OPS ]+ Fyrstk to OPS. Ah want a prahvate channel open to Enriov Rohnok. Don't take no for an answer, send it to mah quarters.
22:00 CommoFyrstk =/\= Pause Sim =/\=

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