<USS Eagle> Sim Log/Recap 061206

  • From: Lukas <CaptFyrstk@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2006 12:30:59 -0500

Season's Grettings, everyone.  It is that time of year again.  The time to be filled with joy and happiness, even the non-Christians in our group.

Sim Recap
"The Storm"
Officers present: Commodore Fyrstk, Commander Marqusa, Lt. Commanders Haas, Lost & Dr. Hamza, Lt. Matsu, Dr. Melody, A-Ensign Fyrstk
NPCs used:  Lt. Soren (Marqusa) & Vanik (Haas), Cadet Wren (Lost)
Stardate 60538.24 (07/16/2383, 11:00 hours)

The Eagle is enroute to rendescous with a small task force when they are suddenly confronted with a mysterious storm.  Every time the ship changes course to avoid the storm, it puts itself back in the path of the ship.  Finally, the storm overtakes the ship.  When things calm, and all power and sensors are returned, the crew finds they are no longer where they were.  Possibly even when, as the Eagle is confronted by an older Romulan war ship.... commanded by Lukas's father.

End recap
ltjgmelody: ::AA::
ltyoshikomatsu: ::AA::
T L Lost: ::AA::
GwenivereMarqusa: ::AA::
RomnHaas: ::AA::
ltteboktrkhev: ::AA::
Malachi Styles: ::AA::
CommoLukasFyrstk: Captain's Log, Stardate 60538.24 (07/16/2383, 11:00 hours)
CommoLukasFyrstk: We are enroute back to the small star system where we had 
found a possible Firegon stronghold, and the survahving crew of Starbase 212.
CommoLukasFyrstk: We will be rendesvouing with three more starships, as Command 
has deemed the Firegon a viable threat.
CommoLukasFyrstk: We have devahsed a possible offense to the new Firegon ship.  
Mr. Haas feels we can shut them down much lahke the Breen weapon used.
CommoLukasFyrstk: Let's hope he's correct.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> ::Shut off the recorder and looks around the bridge.::
GwenivereMarqusa: Soren>::at the tactical station::
RomnHaas: CENG>  I-I am just as hopeful, Captain.
ltteboktrkhev: Ratchet><CMO>::In sickbay, in her office monitoring things on 
the bridge::
T L Lost: axo>::sitting in the xo chair, uncomfortable::
Malachi Styles: SCI> ::just finishing his studies, heading to sick bay.::
ltteboktrkhev: [Yes, I have been watching TNG and apparently I just found out 
Dr Crusher was able to monitor things on the bridge! Happy Day! ^_^]
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO>[CENG] Ah know you are, Rommie.
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> ::Is looking over the specs for the weapon.::
ltjgmelody: AMO>::Reading a book.::
T L Lost: <hpw>::tapping some notes out on her PADD::
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION:  Yoshi's (I almost said Josie's again) long range 
sensors come alive with a high energy reading ahead of the Eagle::
Malachi Styles: SCI> ::Enters sick bay::
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> Sir my long range sensors are picking up a high energy 
reading dead ahead.
ltjgmelody: AMO>::Looks up from her book.: Hi Mal.::Stands::
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [CSCI]  ::Raises an eyebrow:: What kahnd of energy 
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci>I can't tell at this range sir.
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION::  The readings look like some sort of storm::
T L Lost: <axo>::quietly:: the kind that cause lots of distruction::
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> It reads as some sort of storm
ltjgmelody: AMO> So what brings you to Sickbay?
Malachi Styles: SCI>  ::wide smile::  Hello, Mel.  What are you doing for lunch?
ltjgmelody: AMO> I don't currently have any plans. 
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [CSCI]  Launch a probe to study the storm.  Mr. Vanik. 
Plot a course around it.
RomnHaas: Vanik: HELM>  Aye, sir.  Going around the storm.
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> Hai Captain. ::Starts programing a probe to study the 
Malachi Styles: SCI>  Either do I.  Would you care to join me?
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> ::Launches the probe.:: Probe away.
ltjgmelody: AMO>I would love to join you for lunch.
CommoLukasFyrstk: ::ACTION::  The Eagle changes course to circumvent the storm. 
 THe storm also moves to stay on an intercept course with the Eagle::
GwenivereMarqusa: Soren>::keeps scanning the surrounding area for signs of the 
Firegon and other potential threats to the ship::
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> Sir the storm is changing course to stay on an 
interception course.
ltteboktrkhev: Ratchet><CMO>::sighing, still listening she pulls out a small 
portable game to keep her entertained while she monitors::
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> ::again raises a brow:: [HELM]  Set a new course Mr. Vanik
RomnHaas: Vanik: HELM> Aye, sir.  ::returns tot he original course.::
ltjgmelody: AMO>::Walks over to Ratchet's office and pokes her head in.:: Sir I 
am heading to have some lunch. Call me if you need me.
T L Lost: <axo> Like I said, the kind that causes lots of destruction . . . and 
it looks like we are the target. 
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION:  The storm again puts itself in the Eagle's path.::
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> Sir the storm again has changed course with us.
CommoLukasFyrstk: ::Yoshi's sensors show a LOT of spatial distortion as the 
storm and Eagle draw nearer to one another.::
ltteboktrkhev: Ratchet><CMO>Sure. Go ahead. Enjoy ^_^
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> Sir the sensors are picking up a lot of spatial 
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [HLEM]  Mr. Vanik.
RomnHaas: Vanik: HELM>  I am trying sir. ::Readjusts the course again::
ltjgmelody: AMO>::Turns to Mal.:: Shal we go?
Malachi Styles: SCI> ::Smiles::  Yes.  I think we shall.
CommoLukasFyrstk: ::The storm again puts itself in the Eagle's path::
T L Lost: <axo>[helm] Mr. Vanik, reverse course.
ltyoshikomatsu: Our manuvers don't seem to be helping.
RomnHaas: Vanik: HELM>  Aye, sir.  Swings the Eagle 180 degrees around::
T L Lost: <axo>[sci] Yoshi, how far away is the Storm?  What speed is it moving 
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION:  The storm starts pursuing the Eagle::
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci>Its two minuets out and increasing speed.
ltjgmelody: AMO>::Walks with Mal out of sickbay and down to the mess hall::
Malachi Styles: SCI> ::walks into the corridor::
*** ltteboktrkhev has left the chat.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [HELM]  Go to maximum warp, Mr. Vanik
T L Lost: <axo>[co] I doubt we're going to out run this thing.
*** ltteboktrkhev has joined the chat.
RomnHaas: Vanik: HELM>  Aye, sir.  ::Does so::
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION: Te storm suddenly appears in front of the Eagle, 
impact in 30 seconds::
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> The storm is ahead of us... Impact 30 seconds.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> RED ALERT.!
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [OPS]  Give me all-ship Cadet.
T L Lost: <hpw>::sounds red alert, and opens up all ship channel, nods to the 
Malachi Styles: SCI> ::Sees the red-alert:: Well, that just figures.
ltjgmelody: AMO>Well there goes lunch. We'll have lunch later. ::Heads back for 
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> {ALSHIP]  All hands!  Brace for impact!
T L Lost: <axo>::wishes the seats on this ship had seat belts::
ltjgmelody: AMO>::Hearing that she grabs Mel and yanks him into sickbay.::
ltjgmelody: (Mal)
ltteboktrkhev: Ratchet><CMO>::grabs her desk and holds tight::
CommoLukasFyrstk: ::Just as this is said, the Eagle enters the "storm".  The 
ship is violently tossed about, all main power blanks out::
ltjgmelody: AMO>::Holds on to Mal::
CommoLukasFyrstk: ::Malachi and Melod both go flying across sick bay::
ltjgmelody: AMO>::Throws a telekinitic feild around them::
GwenivereMarqusa: Soren>::holds on tightly to her consoul::
ltjgmelody: (field)
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci>::holds on to her console::
RomnHaas: CENG> ::gets thrown over  by the OPS console::
CommoLukasFyrstk: ::CO> ::tries to focus in the darkness as the ship's motions 
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO>  Everyone report.
T L Lost: <axo>::thrown out of chair, lands on the floor::
RomnHaas: Vanik: HELM> Still at station, Captain.  No helm cntrol at all.
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> I'm am fine but we seem to be without power.
ltjgmelody: AMO>Mal? Are you alright?
Malachi Styles: SCI> ::Sits up, looking around.  Yes.  Are you okay?
GwenivereMarqusa: Soren>I'm uninjured Captain.  ::looks at her consoul, taps a 
few buttons:: Tactical is not responding either sir.
ltteboktrkhev: Ratchet><CMO>::Looks around for a moments waiting to see if the 
ship is going to get shuck around again before standing::
ltjgmelody: AMO> Well my head hurts a bit but I think I am unharmed.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> ::Sees Lost on the deck::  XO?  You okay?
T L Lost: <HPW>::checks her consoul::
T L Lost: <axo>::slowly sits up to his knees:: I'm . . . okay.
ltjgmelody: AMO>::Smiles:: I'd be better if you weren't sitting on my stomach.
CommoLukasFyrstk: ::Emergency power comes on, followed by main power.::
RomnHaas: CENG> ::Looks up at Hailey, then sits up.::
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci>::Tries to bring up sensors.::
T L Lost: <hpw> ::her screen comes back alive::
RomnHaas: Vanik: HELM> ::test the helm::  Helm is now answering, Captain.
T L Lost: <axo>::slowly makes his way back to the chair::
T L Lost: <hpw>[co] I'm getting a flood of casualty updates Captain.
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci>::Picks up Miss Wren's PADD off the floor and hands it 
back to her.::
T L Lost: <hpw>[co] most appear to be minor.
ltteboktrkhev: Ratchet><CMO>::putting her game back into the desk she then 
stands and hurries into sickbay to start dealing with the casualties she is 
sure are going to start coming in::
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [OPS]  Acknowledged, any damage to the ship?
RomnHaas: CENG> :Moves to the engineering console, checking the ship's status::
ltjgmelody: AMO>::Untangles herself from Mal and starts to assist Ratchet with 
the injured.::
Malachi Styles: SCI> ::Starts helping the medical staff with triage::
T L Lost: ((That's a long way to reach Yoshi))
ltyoshikomatsu: (Um stands up and walks it back to Wren?)
T L Lost: <hpw>[co] So far, just minor damage Captain, but there are several 
areas that have not sent reports.
CommoLukasFyrstk: ::All ship systems are nominal. No real damage to the ship::
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [CSCI]  What about the storm?
T L Lost: <hpw>::takes the PADD:: Thanks ::turns the PADD on and flips to the 
cheat sheet of what to do in Emergency situations::
CommoLukasFyrstk: ::there is no trace of the storm at all::
ltteboktrkhev: Ratchet><CMO>::Initially there are not many injured as they 
first have to of course arrive in sickbay::
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci>Your welcome. ::Returns to her console and looks at the 
sensor readings.::
CommoLukasFyrstk: ::The injured start arriving into sickbay::
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> Sir there is no traces of the storm on sensors.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [CSCI] What?  No trace?
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> None sir.
GwenivereMarqusa: Soren>::scans the area around them for signs of threat, 
thinking if this was a weapon, the ensuing attack would already have happened::
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [CSCI]  Give me a full analysis of that storm, Lt. Mr. 
Vanik.  Resume course.
CommoLukasFyrstk: ::As Vanik goes to resume course he sees the stars are all 
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> Hai sir. ::Starts to analyze the storm.::
RomnHaas: Vanik: HELM>  Aye, sir.  ::looks at his charts to re-set course:  
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO>  YEs, Mr. Vanik.
ltteboktrkhev: Ratchet><CMO>::But of course as time passes more arrive. As well 
as emergency medical teams sent to assist injured bring in more injured as 
well. Wearily she orders the activation of the EMH. Mostly though bumps, 
ltteboktrkhev: bruises and breaks from being tossed about, nothing serious::
ltjgmelody: AMO>::Assists Ratchet.::
RomnHaas: Vanik: HELM>  We... aren't where we were, sir.
T L Lost: <axo>::Groans a little:: I knew it was gonna be bad.
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> Shall I make the comment about Kansas now?
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> HELM]  How far off are we?
RomnHaas: Vanik: HELM>  Re-orienting now, sir.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [OPS]  Contact the rest of the task force, Cadet.  Let 
them know we will be delayed in rendesvousing.
T L Lost: <hpw> Aye Captain.  ::attempts to contact the other ships they were 
to meet::
CommoLukasFyrstk: ::Hailey gets no response from any of the other ships in the 
task force.  In fact all nnormal Starfleet channels seem quiet::
T L Lost: <hpw>Captain . . . I think we have a big problem.
T L Lost: <axo>[ops] What is that Cadet?
RomnHaas: Vanik: HELM>  Captain.  We DO have a big problem.
T L Lost: <hpw> No response from the task force . . . AND . . . all normal 
starfleet channels are quiet sir.  ALL.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CACTION::  Soren's sensors come alive as a ship suddenly 
decloaks and heads to the Eagle::
GwenivereMarqusa: Soren>[tac] A Ship just decloaked and is now on a direct 
course Captain.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [OPS]  Scan all frequencies.
T L Lost: <hpw> ::starts scanning the other frequencies::
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [TAC]  Do we have a visual?
GwenivereMarqusa: Soren><tac> We will in 43.72 seconds sir.
GwenivereMarqusa: Soren><tac>::as soon as the ship comes into visual range, 
puts the image on screen::
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION ::Hailey starts picking up action on some old 
Starfleet channels::
T L Lost: <hpw>I am picking up chatter.  But, it's on some of the really OLD 
starfleet channels that we no longer use.
CommoLukasFyrstk: ::The screen shifts and the ship that appears looks like a 
cross between the old K'Tinga-class Klingon ships and the current Romulan wrird 
CommoLukasFyrstk: ::The ship hails the Eagle::
T L Lost: <hpw> we are being hailed
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO>  Onscreen.  Do not give them visual
T L Lost: <hpw>::puts them on screen, opens up the audio outgoing only::
CommoLukasFyrstk: ::A Rpmulan commander appears:: I am Commander Luktra of the 
Romulan Star Empire.  Prepare to be boarded.
CommoLukasFyrstk: PAUSE SIM

Respectfully submitted,
Lukas Fyrstk, Commodore
Commanding USS Eagle

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