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  • From: Lukas <CaptFyrstk@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 23:15:30 -0500


Okay, we have a ptoientially interesting concept going here folks.  Let's se how much fun we can have with it.

Sim Recap
"A Whole New World?"
Officers present: Commodore Fyrstk, Commander Marqusa, Lt. Commanders Haas & Lost, Lt. Tracy, Dr (Ltjg) Melody, A-Ens. Fyrstk
Officers absent: Commander Bass, Dr. (Lt Commander) Hamza (excused), Ltjg O'Brian, Ensign Rose (LOA)
NPC's Used: Lt. Vanik (Haas), Cadet Wren (Lost)
Stardate 59034.36 (01/13/2383, 13:00 hours)

The Eagle goes to investigate what seems to be a spacial rift, found by the Delta-shift science officer.  Lukas wants this checked out because of their experience with rifts and how they can be gateways to other universes.

As they arrive, Lt Tracy starts getting fluxuating readings coming from the rift.  It seems as if it is an opening to not one, but many different universes.  As they continue to scan the rift, a giant hand extends out from the rift and swipes "Through" the ship, taking with it several crewmembers.  The hand and rift (and crew) disappear.

End recap

JPEG image

JPEG image

Lt Josie Tracy: ::AA::
Lt JG Melody: ::AA::
RomnHaas: ::AA::
Malachi Styles: ::AA::
GwenivereMarqusa: ::AA::
T L Lost: ::AA::
CommoLukasFyrstk: Captain's Log: Stardate 59034.36 (01/13/2383, 13:00 hours)
CommoLukasFyrstk: The Delta shift science officer has discovered a energy rift 
close to the Spaculaan border.  In the past, such rifts have proven to be 
gateways into onther universes.
CommoLukasFyrstk: Ah have redirected the ship to get a closer look.
CommoLukasFyrstk: Hopefully this will be an anomaly of some sort and not an 
opening to another universe.
CommoLukasFyrstk: Ah have no desahre to cross over, or have any... other 
manifestations of the Eagle come into our universe.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [AXO/TAC]  Gwen, monitor the area for any ships.  
Especially near the rift.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO>[CSCI]  Josie, keeep a close eye on the rift.  See if you 
cain't get some sort of ahdea what we are heading towards.
Lt Josie Tracy: CSci> ::Is very curious about this rift.:: Yes sir. ::Scans 
with LRS::
Malachi Styles: SCI> ::finishes a grueling morning of school and other studies. 
 Heads to the mes hall for lunch::
Lt Josie Tracy: CSci> You know sir... If this is a dimentional rift it may 
provide me with some answers to some of my own personal demons...
Lt JG Melody: AMO> ::In sickbay reading.::
CommoLukasFyrstk: ::Josie's scans show all signs that this is an opening to 
another universe.::
GwenivereMarqusa: <axo>[co] Aye sir.  ::monitors the area::
Lt Josie Tracy: CSci> Captian my scans show that this is indeed a rift into 
another universe but I can't get the quantum signiture from this far out.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO>::Nods:: [CSCI]  Okay, Lieutenant.  Keep scanning.  We'll 
close just close enough for you to get a determination.  Also trah and figure 
out whah it opened and how to close the dang thing
Lt Josie Tracy: CSci> Well we could be lucky and its a rift into a dimention of 
cute fuzzy and very friendly beings? ::Smiles::
RomnHaas: Vanik: HELM> ::watching the rift as they approach, judging possible 
trouble currents::
T L Lost: hpw><ops>::at the Ops station::
Lt Josie Tracy: CSci>::Keeps scanning but can't get a clear reading..::
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [CSCI]  We never seeem to get that lucky, Lieutenant
Lt Josie Tracy: CSci>::Also scans the area for anything that may have caused 
the rift.::
Malachi Styles: SCI>::Walks into the mess hal and orders a "healthy" lunch::
Lt JG Melody: AMO>::Gets tired of reading... Puts the Head Nurse in charge of 
sickbay and goes to the mess hall to get something to eat.::
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION:  The Eagle gets close enough for Josie to start to 
read a quantuum signature.::
Lt Josie Tracy: CSci> Scanning for the quantum signiture..
Malachi Styles: SCI>::Sits down to eat and can see the rift outside the portal, 
though it is very small::
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [HELM]  HOld position, Mr. Vanik.
RomnHaas: Vanik: HELM>  Aye, sir.  Holding position. ::Stops the engines.::
Lt JG Melody: AMO>::Enters the Mess Hall.. orders a big bowl of chocolate ice 
cream with whipped cream, spots Mal and walks over to his table.:: IS this seat 
taken, Sir?
Lt Josie Tracy: CSci> It's odd sir... We should be able to get a clear reading 
from this distance but the scanners can't pinpoint the signiture.
Malachi Styles: SCI>::Looks over to Melody, stands immediately:: I should be 
callig you "sir"  I am only an ensign.
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION: The quantuum signatre becomes clear then shifts to 
Lt JG Melody: AMO> ::Giggles:: Just call me what you have been calling me.
Malachi Styles: SCI>  ::Smiles:: Okay, mel.  No. It's not taken. PLease join me.
Lt Josie Tracy: CSci> Sir. This isn't a singular dimentional rift... I cant get 
a clear reading becuase its signiture is shifting.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO>[AXO]  Any ships in the area, Gwen?
GwenivereMarqusa: <axo>[co] My scans haven't shown anything yet sir.
GwenivereMarqusa: <axo>::continues to scan::
Lt JG Melody: AMO>::Sits.:: So what's so intresting outside?
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO[AXO] ::Nods an acknowledgement::
Malachi Styles: SCI>:Points::  That rift out there.
Lt JG Melody: AMO>::Looks:: Well its either really small or we are quite a way 
Lt Josie Tracy: CSci> So far no indcations of what caused it.
Malachi Styles: SCI> My giess is we are quite a distance off.  That almost 
looks like a rip in space.  A entrance to anoter universe.
Lt JG Melody: AMO> You can tell that from here?
Malachi Styles: SCI>:Nods::  It has a similar appearance to the one the Eagle 
passed through when they went into an alternate universe.
Lt JG Melody: AMO>I must have missed that adventure.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [CSCI]  What kahnd of readings ARE you getting from that?
Malachi Styles: SCI>  I was still aboard my mom
Malachi Styles: 's ship when they did that
Lt Josie Tracy: CSci> The rift itself seems to be unstable. As if it is passing 
through several realities. So far as my reading have shown nothing has energed 
from any of them... yet.
Lt Josie Tracy: (emerged)
Malachi Styles: SCI>::Takes a bite out of his thick juicy cheeseburger::
Lt JG Melody: (Thats a healthy lunch?lol)
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION: Suddenly a large hand emerges from the rift.  It 
stretches out to the Eagle very quickly::
Malachi Styles: SCI> ::Eyes get wide:: Holeeeeee....
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> Shields!  Red Alert!
GwenivereMarqusa: <axo>::scans the hand to see what it's made of, raises 
Lt JG Melody: AMO>::Screams in girly like fasion.::
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO>[HELM] Back us away, Mr. Vanik!!
Lt Josie Tracy: CSci>::also tries to get a reading on the hand's makeup.::
T L Lost: hpw><Ops>::Looks up at the screen, jaw drops::
RomnHaas: Vanik: HELM> :Puts the ship in full reverse::
Lt Josie Tracy: CSci> Cute and fuzzy that is not...
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION::  The hand is too quick. It quickly reaches out and 
"Sweeps" through the shields and the ship.  Just as suddenly, it, the rift, 
Josie, Gwen, Lost, Mal and Melody are gone as well::
Lt Josie Tracy: CSci> ::Attempts to assertain the quantum signiture of the rift 
the hand is comming out of.::
Lt Josie Tracy: (Nix that)
T L Lost: @::playing his games, not aware of his surroundings at all, doesn't 
even notice the drastic change in them::
GwenivereMarqusa: <axo>::looks around:: Where the hell are we?
T L Lost: hpw><Ops>Where'd they go?
Lt Josie Tracy: @CSci> ::Looks around:: Is everyone ok?
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [CSCI/OPS]  Report!  Where'd that hand ..... ::Looks over 
to the science station::  Where is Lt. Tracy?
Lt JG Melody: (Are we useing @?)
CommoLukasFyrstk: (YEs))
Lt Josie Tracy: MAX>JOSIE!!! Where'd you go?  She's not on the ship!!!
T L Lost: hpw><Ops>[co] Where's the Commander?
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION::  The displaced crew suddenly find themselves in a 
simple room, with 20th century furnishings in it::
Lt Josie Tracy: @Hey this looks like my living room...
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> ::Looks over tot he tactical station:: +[AXO]+  Fyrstk to 
Commander Marqusa?  Gwen?
Lt JG Melody: @Your living room?
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo>::moves over to Tru and takes his game from him:: 
CommoLukasFyrstk: ::They also seem to find themselves wearing strange colrful 
and tight-fitting clothing::
Lt Josie Tracy: CSci> @Well back in my house... These all are 20th centry 
Malachi Styles: @SCI>::Looks at Melody:: Wow.  Lok at your uniform.
Lt JG Melody: @ ::Points:: Look at yours.
T L Lost: @Hey! Giv-- ::suddenly realizes everythings changed:: What are these 
cloths we're wearing? ::pulls at the tight fitting thing:: and couldn't they 
have at least given us the right size!
T L Lost: @::stands up and takes his game back, still pulling at his cloths a 
little:: How'd we get here?  And where is here?
Lt Josie Tracy: CSci>@Max? Aw crud he must still be in the science console.
Malachi Styles: @SCI>:Looks down at his own uniform, which is lue at the top 
and red at the botom::
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [OPS]  Locate Lt. Tracy, Cadet!
Lt Josie Tracy: @::Notices she is wearing her team's uniform:: 
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo>::looks around the room for a minute and then heads 
over to the window to get an idea of their surroundings outside the room::
Lt Josie Tracy: CSci>My uniform!! My Neta uniform!!!::Looks for her 
communications card.::
Lt JG Melody: @::Looks at the TV on the stand.:: WHat is this thing?
T L Lost: hpw><Ops>::thinks it's odd that the CO doesn't appear concerned that 
his XO is missing:: 
Lt Josie Tracy: @::Pulls out the communications card.:: Neta to Wraith team... 
Come in... Anyone home?
T L Lost: hpw><Ops>[co] She's not on the ship sir.  And there are reports of 
other people vanishing too.  ::is hesitant to mention that Mal is among those 
reported missing::
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO>[OPS] Hae you located her or Commander Marqusa, Cadet?
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION: Commnicator cards on each of the away team  sound 
Lt JG Melody: @AMO> ::Pulls out the card.::What the?
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [OPS]  Get another Scahence officer up here. +[CENG]+  
Commander Haas tot he bridge!
GwenivereMarqusa: <axo>What is going on here?  We appear to be in some sort of 
a city. 
Lt Josie Tracy: CSci>@ I know where we are.. At least I think I know where we 
Malachi Styles: @SCI>  But how did we get here and why are we wearing these 
weird clothes?
T L Lost: hpw><Ops>::contacts the science department to send up another 
Lt Josie Tracy: @ I don't know but you are wearing my friend's uniform... 
RomnHaas: CENG> ::Enters the bridge::  You requested me, sir?
Malachi Styles: @SCI>  Who was your friend?
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo>Josie, take a look outside.
Lt Josie Tracy: @ CSci>Gwen is wearing Nightchild's unifom... Tru is wearing 
Slipstream's uniform... Melody is wearing... well Melody's uniform.. And you 
are wearing Tanka's uniform.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [CENG] Gwen, Lt Tracy and others have gone missing from 
the ship.  We need to fahnd out what happened.
Lt Josie Tracy: @CSci> ::Looks outside.::
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo> Does this city look familar?
RomnHaas: CENG>::Nods and heads over tot he science station:: {OPS]  Cadet.  
Give me a list of wo is missing from the ship
RomnHaas: CENG> ::Taps the console:: Max? You in there?
Lt Josie Tracy: @ CSci>Yes we are in New City... On your Earth they called it 
New York City.
Lt Josie Tracy: Max>I'm here..What happened to Josie?
T L Lost: hpw><Ops>[co] Aye Sir.  ::has the computer scan the entire ship and 
list who is missing.::
Malachi Styles: @SCI>  Tanka?  Who was he...at least I hope he was a he.
GwenivereMarqusa: @<axo>Any idea of where in New York City we are?
Lt Josie Tracy: @CSci> He was our brick. Strong invunreable...
RomnHaas: CENG> [MAX]  That's wh-what I want you to tel me.  Go thru this 
console's log, see if you can determine what happened.
T L Lost: hpw><Ops>[co] Sir, I have that list.  Looks like 5 people have gone 
missing sir.
Lt Josie Tracy: @CSci> Well this looks like my house so we would be about five 
minuets from downtown New City.
Lt Josie Tracy: Max> Going through the logs now...
RomnHaas: CENG>:Loks over te missing list.:: [CO]  Captain. Approximately 25 
crew were taken...Dr. Melody and..Mal are among them.
Lt Josie Tracy: @CSci> I wonder if you got the powers of the people who own 
thoes costumes?
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO>  Wha... ::stops a moment to gather his thoughts::  All 
rahght. Let's fahnd out where they all went.
Lt Josie Tracy: @CSci> Gwen? Do you feel any diffrent?
CommoLukasFyrstk: PAUSE SIM

Respectfully submited,
Lukas Fyrstk, Commodore
Commanding USS Eagle

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